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Application of 24GHz radar sensor in security market

Время публикации : 2019-04-15 radar sensor
Radar can detect the surrounding human bodies and vehicles and other targets, and it can be integrated with video monitoring, infrared monitoring and other means to achieve suspicious target detection, tracking and early warning.In high-end residential areas, factories, prisons and other scenes, can achieve rapid layout, in order to deal with unexpected security scenes.
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Radar advantages:

1. When the radar finds and identifies the suspicious intrusion target, the system will automatically guide the camera to track and monitor the action of the suspicious target, so as to guide the security personnel more accurately and greatly improve the work efficiency of the surveillance personnel.

2. The false alarm rate of radar perimeter security system is very low, less than once every 24 hours.Perimeter security radar is not affected by rain, wind, dust, fog and haze, light conditions, can maintain 24 hours uninterrupted work in bad conditions, with very high stability.

Radar sensor physical picture:

Radar sensor physical map

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