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Cypress launches EZ-PD PAG1 power adapter solution, the latest product of PD series

Время публикации : 2019-05-29
Currently, the ez-pd PAG1 series is providing samples to major oems.The controller series will go into production in the fourth quarter of 2019.

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Cypress Semiconductor corp. (nasdaq: CY) today announced its ez-pd PAG1 power adapter solution, the latest in its usb-c protocol power supply (PD) series.PAG1 is a complete ac-dc power supply solution that integrates USB protocol power supply (PD) controllers, enabling oems to create reliable, efficient and cost-effective power adapters for the growing usb-c charger market.

Cypress is the market leader in usb-c technology.Ez-pd PAG1 is a dual-chip usb-c power supply solution that integrates the main primary, secondary and USB PD controller components, leading the market again.With its advanced functions, PAG1 can provide OEM manufacturers with the industry's best efficiency, higher reliability and less material cost.PAG1 is fully programmable, enabling OEM designers to easily configure their USB charger solutions to support a variety of Charging standards, including: PD3.0 (PPS), qc4/4 +, Apple Charging, QC 3.0/2.0, samsung AFC, and BC 1.2.

Power Adapter

Ajay Srikrishna, vice President, cable connection business, cypress, said, "with ez-pd PAG1, cypress is now able to offer fully integrated power adapter solutions that include ac-dc and usb-c components, delivering greater value to customers and consolidating our leadership position.We have always been customer-centric, highly integrated PAG1 series is designed to meet customer needs for superior performance of the USB protocol power supply solutions.

Usb-c is a new connection standard that transmits data through the same cable and standard universal connector, simultaneously powering different devices.Usb-c can provide up to 100W power output and support different interface standards through the same port.As more and more devices tend to use the same charger or power adapter for charging, bulky, specialized power adapters will no longer be a necessity, simplifying design and reducing e-waste.

Noman Akhtar, research analyst for industrial semiconductors and sensors at IHS Markit, said: "given the versatility and benefits usb-c brings to the market, IHS Markit expects the number of devices with at least one usb-c port to grow from 300m in 2016 to about 5bn in 2021, with CAGR of more than 70 per cent over five years."USB type-c is an advanced wired interface technology with fast charging capabilities and the ability to synchronize data transmission across many devices, modernizing many consumer electronics areas."

COMPUTEX 2019 takes place in Taipei, China on May 28 solstice June 1, during which the PAG1 series will be officially unveiled.In addition, the ez-pd BCR solution allows oems to easily replace the barrel plug with usb-c for any electronic product that consumes less than 100W.Regardless of the product, cypress can provide a complete end-to-end USB protocol power supply solution from the power supplier to the recipient, thus laying a solid foundation for the realization of the "usb-c drives everything" vision.

The supply position

Currently, the ez-pd PAG1 series is providing samples to major oems.The controller series will go into production in the fourth quarter of 2019.

About cypress ez-pd product portfolio

Cyplas is a leading supplier of USB technology and usb-c controllers, and its expanding ez-pd usb-c controller portfolio includes:

● CCG1 -- the world's first programmable usb-c controller

● CCG2 - world's smallest programmable usb-c controller

● CCG3 -- programmable usb-c controller with the best versatility in the world

● CCG3PA -- the world's most flexible usb-c power controller, suitable for power adapter, mobile power supply and car charger

● CCG4 -- the world's first dual-port usb-c controller

● CCG5/CCG6 -- the world's first dual-port usb-c solution optimized for lightning interface computers and docking stations

● BCR -- the world's first dedicated usb-c power supply controller to replace the barrel plug

The ez-pd product line is the industry's first product line that conforms to the latest USB PD 3.0 specification, providing more powerful end-to-end power transmission and charging solutions for laptops and mobile devices.

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