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Intel chip circuit map released, 2021 release of the spoilers

Время публикации: 2019-05-13

At an investor conference on May 8, Intel announced that the group will launch its nvidia corp. lineup in 2021, starting with the Xe architecture, datacenter AI and GPgpu general-purpose computing acceleration card.

A 10-nanometer chip for advanced PCS will be available later this year, and a 10-nanometer chip for servers is expected early next year.

14 nanometer technology, Intel said the future will continue to expand 14 nanometer capacity to ensure market demand.

In addition, the route map released by Intel shows that Intel will successively appear with 10nm+ and 10nm++ in the next two years. After its debut in 2021, Intel will successively launch with nvidia in 2022 and nvidia in 2023.

This is also the first investor meeting hosted by Intel CEO Robert Swan since he took office. He mentioned the company's future vision and planning on behalf of Intel.

In addition to process technology, Robert Swan also raised financial targets at the conference, with Intel's revenue reaching $85 billion in three years, a sharp increase from last year's revenue of $70.8 billion.

Under former Intel CEO John krzyzewski, Intel has shifted its focus from PCS to data centers.At the conference, Intel said the company will focus on data centers from 2017 to 2021, with the goal of driving the world beyond 2021.


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