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HaoTing with Han - Eco B overloading connector onslaught

Время публикации: 2019-04-09

Since the first industrial revolution in the 1860s, technological innovation has been a powerful driving force for technological development and industrial upgrading.Since China's reform and opening up, from the development of labor-intensive competitive industries to the current "mass innovation" and industrial structure upgrading, technological innovation has also become the focus of attention and one of the core drivers of economic growth.As the leader of industrial connectors, haoting has always been committed to technological innovation. By constantly developing new products and solutions, haoting promotes the intelligent development of industrial manufacturing, "ignites" the innovation engine and adds full horsepower to "industry 4.0".

Since launched since the 1950 s, Han ® standard connector, HaoTing innovation in 1989 introduced a modular connector, let the customer can customize like spell blocks required connector, gain remarkable flexibility and time efficiency.In 2011, based on the Modular production demand, HaoTing developed Han - Eco Modular ® plastic shell connector, shell and module assembly directly to save costs for our customers.In 2015, A low cost for mechanical industry is growing and lightweight, HaoTing designed Han - Eco ® series A shell.

High performance plastic connector Han - Eco ® B

2018 and again HaoTing relies on many years of technology accumulation, with high performance plastic connector Han - Eco ® front-loaded B.This connector use of lightweight plastic shell, with Han ® metal B type plug compatible to use, flexible configuration, reliable, salt fog and corrosion resistant, and innovation in rear panel can be installed.Han - Eco ® launched B was popular, mainly used in auto production line, the robot manipulator and ring network cabinet, control cabinet and other machinery industry, such as distribution network power industry.

Rear panel installation: subvert the traditional, saving time and effort

Han ® B heavy metal connectors used in the domain of control cabinet is usually used in a front panel installations.In order to protect the plug-in outside the control cabinet, it is usually necessary to firstly install the connector shell on the panel of the control cabinet, and then install the cable and core through the opening of the control cabinet panel, and then push the assembled core and cable forward and backward into the panel.The entire installation process requires the presence of professional electrical personnel, which is time-consuming and labor costly.

Han - Eco ® B difference is it innovative to subvert the front panel to install this tradition, support panels after installation.Han - Eco ® B can make precast splice in internal card directly, without the line.Such an incoming gas holder and cable harness can be individually pre-assembled and pre-tested for electrical, mechanical, and signal integrity of the wiring harness.It not only eliminates customers' worries about transmission reliability, but also greatly saves installation time and labor cost due to the division of work and simplified assembly.Han - Eco ® B's rear panel installation with its convenience the control cabinet industry the customer the consistent approval.

Lightweight plastic shell: flexible, lightweight and Han ® compatible with B

Under the increasing demand of the industry such as automobile and rail transit, the connector parts should reduce the weight on the premise of improving the performance stably.Han - Eco ® B adopts high performance lightweight plastic shell, compared with common metal shell weight reduced by about 50%.Plastic material also has a certain cost advantage.Therefore, Han - Eco ® B became the pursuit of light and the choice of the economy.

Be worth what carry is, Han - Eco ® new plastic connectors and various Han ® B compatible using pieces of metal type plug.All can be integrated into the Han ® B metal shell contact plug and module can also be installed in the plastic shell.In other words, the customer can directly use the Han - Eco ® B connector to match they presently use Han ® B or metal case base.Superior compatibility provides customers with many options for matching new equipment with existing equipment.Production planners and equipment developers have more freedom to choose metal or plastic case materials based on demand.

Salt spray corrosion resistance: super protection, no fear of environmental tests

Compared with metal shell, plastic shell can not only achieve lightweight, but also because of the natural advantages of plastic material, it has the characteristics of resistance to salt spray, corrosion protection.To provide powerful stable connection for production operation, Han - Eco ® B by glass fiber reinforced plastic shell, is higher than ordinary plastic mechanical strength and corrosion resistance.The module provides up to IP65 protection and is flame retardant to the UL94 V0 standard, making it suitable for rail applications.Han - Eco ® B has excellent environmental performance, "strong" better than metal, and is a cost-effective choice for connector.

In addition, in order to further satisfy the stringent requirements of industrial environment, Han - Eco ® B and dedicated to the Outdoor version - Han - Eco ® is suing.The main sealing ring of this connector is made of fluororubber (FPM) material, which can effectively resist the influence of weather, especially ultraviolet radiation, ozone pollution and high temperature.With sturdy high performance fiber glass reinforced plastic shell, Han - Eco ® is suing completely fearless in the Outdoor environment of severe test.

From the Han - Eco Modular ® to Han - Eco ® A, and then to today's Han - Eco ® B, at this point whether standardized Han ® series A or Han ® series B, HaoTing were successfully developed lightweight high-performance plastic shell series, but also compatible with metal case series, to provide customers with more options.Taking customers as the center, solving connection problems practically and improving economic benefits are haoting's unremitting pursuit. In the future, haoting will continue to adhere to product research and development, launch more innovative and heavy-duty connector products, and build a safe and efficient connection network for industrial production.


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