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To achieve the integration of Internet of things and AI, Ruff launched face recognition

Время публикации: 2019-04-10

If scientific and technological innovation is a kind of zeitgeist, then the landing of science and technology is the destination of this zeitgeist.- Ruff

With the gradual expansion of iot business scenarios, more and more scenarios begin to upgrade based on technological innovation.AIoT, a new product officially launched by Ruff, is a Face recognition module and terminal product named "Ruff Face ID". Based on the Internet of things + machine learning technology, the original complex AI algorithm is embedded into a 35mm*42mm chip module, in which the AI chip provides neural network computing of machine vision and speech recognition ability.


Through the neural network accelerator IP, the chip can carry out high-speed convolutional neural network calculation under ultra-low power consumption, such as target detection and image classification task based on convolutional neural network, face detection and face recognition, multi-classification object detection and recognition, etc..

Ruff Face ID Module

It is reported that Ruff Face ID has machine vision and hearing ability. In actual business scenarios, it can store and calculate data at the edge of the device to achieve low-power visual processing speed and accuracy.At the same time, it has the hardware accelerator KPU of convolutional artificial neural network, which can carry out the operation of convolutional artificial neural network efficiently.

Ruff Face ID has the following competitive advantages over other Face recognition modules in the market:

Realize the edge computing fusion of Internet of things and AI

In the case of high real-time requirements, the demand from the cloud to the edge is gradually amplified.In mission-critical applications for face recognition tracking, local data processing or edge computing will begin to become necessary.

The AI chip of Ruff Face ID can realize the offline processing of edge computing, and the advanced machine learning model of deep neural network is optimized based on the scene to run the unstructured data including video frame, speech synthesis, time series data and other devices generated by cameras, microphones and other sensors on the edge.

Edge computing fusion based on Internet of things and AI can achieve more efficient and rapid response in business scenarios, and reduce the storage and operation cost of cloud data, especially some data with low repeatability and value, which can be directly calculated at the local edge.

Out of the box, through the end - to - end data networking

For corporate clients or vendors, intelligent technology in the process of the ground to the product layer will experience all sorts of complex equipment docking with the data, including the underlying technology to the module, the module to the equipment, equipment to the data, and data to the cloud, for technical strength lack enterprise vendors, to overcome the gap not only need to spend a lot of time cost, also need to the corresponding technical personnel involved.

Ruff Face ID provides a complete set of Face recognition modules and cloud services.Cloud service is provided to users in the form of SaaS. Users can directly complete remote device management, including firmware upgrade, algorithm update, face recognition result message push, history record view, remote face feature data management and so on, by calling corresponding SDK or API, so that users can realize the convenience of out-of-the-office.

Low cost within 100 yuan, making IoT+AI more popular

In the past, the processing method of AI chip was to transfer data such as images to the cloud for processing. The processing speed was fast, but the traffic cost was high, and the real-time response was not timely enough, especially in mission-critical applications.The other is local offline processing, but running it on a general-purpose GPU or CPU can be expensive.Ruff Face ID has an AI dedicated computing unit KPU built-in, so it realizes low-cost offline AI capability.

With the overall technology maturity of AIoT and the increase of upstream and downstream manufacturers' shipments, Ruff Face ID can achieve the shipment cost within 100 yuan in terms of the price most concerned by end customers, which greatly reduces the operation and maintenance cost of end customers.

Ruff Face ID was reported by many media before it became popular

Before the official launch, Ruff Face ID appeared in the 2019 "entrepreneurship in Shanghai" international innovation and entrepreneurship competition, which was reported by many media, including Oriental finance and economics, Shanghai news, hello zhang jiang, wen wei Po, youth daily, CCTV news mobile network, etc.

As a technology innovation enterprise focusing on the Internet of things, Ruff has been focusing on the technology research and development and product implementation in the field of the Internet of things since its establishment in 2015. It has successively launched the industry's first Internet of things operating system supporting JavaScript application development, Internet of things intelligent gateway hardware and smart city industry solutions.The launch of AIoT face recognition module indicates that Ruff will continue to land more commercial products and solutions in the field of AIoT.


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