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Vishay's new automotive class IHLP inductor details overview

Время публикации: 2019-04-12

The device conforms to the aec-q200 standard, which reduces DCR, enhances current processing capacity and increases inductance, and can work continuously under the high temperature of engine room +155 C

Vishay launches new automotive class IHLP thin, high current 4040 external size inductor - ihlp-4040ed-5a, height increased to 5.4mm.Vishay Dale IHLP-4040ED-5A.The inductor reduces DCR, enhances current handling, increases inductance, and operates continuously at +155 C high temperature for use in automotive engine compartment environments.Offering devices accord with standard of AEC - Q200, typical DCR Ω Ω from 1.05 m to 204.0 m, including H inductance value from 0.33 to 75.0 (including H.Rated current of the device is up to 36.0a, which can deal with high transient current spikes without saturation.

Automotive grade IHLP inductor

The ihlp-4040ed-5a is suitable for use with DC/DC converters up to 2MHz when storing energy.At the same time, the series inductors have excellent noise attenuation performance in the application of large current filtering in the range of self-resonant frequency (SRF).The device works at high temperatures and is suitable for automotive engines and transmission control units, fuel injection drives, entertainment/navigation systems, and engine noise suppression, windshield wipers, electric rearview mirrors and seats, HID and LED lighting, filter and DC/DC conversion for heating fans.

The inductor package is 100 % lead free (Pb) shielding composite structure, noise reduction to a very low level, with high thermal shock resistance, moisture and mechanical vibration capacity.Ihlp-4040ed-5a is RoHS compliant, halogen-free and Vishay green compliant.

Device specification:

Overall dimensions


Height (mm)


Inductance range (mH):0.33 to 75.0

Typical DCR (mΩ):1.05 to 204.0

The biggest DCR (m Ω):1.12 to 214.20 

Thermal rated current (A): 2.74 to 36.0

Saturation current (A) :3.51 to 20.80

Typical SRF (MHz) :range from 3.53 to 70.0


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