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Smart toy program

Время публикации : 2018-09-20 comsumer electronics
This program means that the toy industry is moving towards high-tech intelligence and will greatly satisfy people's demand for toys. The solution uses NFC to connect to the game console for a new look.

Введение решения

NFC can give life to toys and the game will become more interesting. 

Personalized toys can be connected to the game console using NFC for a new look.

We can update game points, add new permissions or more weapons, and use new features to play games.

Toys can remain in passive mode, thus consuming less power and longer battery life.

The entertainment environment has also become more mobile, as toys can be easily connected to any network, whether in a friend's home or in an internet cafe, or even in a community gaming center or amusement park.

The characteristics of solution

Reduced power consumptio 

Update game points

Toys remain passive

Add new permissions or more weapons

Use new features to play games

Connect to the game console using NFC

Smart toy program block diagram

Smart toy program block diagram

 Typical application scenario

Smart robot dog

Ключевые компоненты

No. номер части Производитель
2 SA58672UK,027 NXP
3 PCA9634D-118 PHILIPS
4 SA58672UK NXP
6 PCA9634BS,118 NXP
7 PCA9634D NXP
8 PCA9634D,112 NXP
10 PCA9634PW-T NXP
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