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The Solution of IP Camera Security System

Время публикации : 2018-10-26 TI
IP Camera is a kind of camera that can produce digital video stream and transmit video stream through wired or wireless network. It has exceeded the geographical limit. As long as the network can remotely monitor and record, it will greatly save the cost of installation and wiring. Really remote monitoring without boundaries.

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IP Camera is a network camera, a new generation of cameras produced by the combination of traditional cameras and network technology.

IP Camera has recently expanded due to the expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) application market, and the demand in the consumer market has also increased. Monitoring systems, digital video transmission is fast becoming a requirement of safety standards.

IP Camera is a camera that combines a single lens (or two lenses) with an image compression processing unit and can transmit images using a network for remote viewing and real-time user control.

Functional description

• TMS320DM368-up to 432-MHz
• 128MB DDR2
• 128MB Nand Flash
• 10/100 Ethernet
• Micro SD Card Socket
• Up to 30fps in 1920 x 1080
• Linux 2.6.37

• Board: 38mm*38mm*38mm

In addition to all the image capture functions of the traditional camera, the IP Camera also has a digital compression controller and a WEB-based operating system built in, so that the video data is compressed and encrypted and sent to the end user via LAN, Internet or wireless network.

IP Camera can be directly connected to the digital network of TCP/IP, so the main function of this system is to transmit video and audio over the Internet or through the internal LAN. There are also two-way voice, WIFI, 32G SD, mobile phone viewing, come with PTZ, infrared light, provide alarm input and output interface, support UPNP, motion detection, email alarm, etc.

1 Two-way voice An external audio capture device (such as a microphone or pickup) can be used for voice acquisition, remote monitoring of live sound, external speakers, remote transmission of sound to the scene, and two-way intercom function.

2 WIFI supports 802.11b/g protocol, and can be built with wifi module to flexibly set up wireless monitoring environment.

3 mobile phone viewing In general, the smartphone downloads the video control through the browser, and Apple and Blackberry can directly watch it.

4 PTZ conversion monitoring angle

5 infrared light for night or no light

6 alarm action SD card, mail, FTP mode save the scene alarm record, the external alarm device sends an alarm notification, and can also send alarm information to the alarm server

7 Motion detection When there is an object moving within the monitoring range, it will automatically record and alarm.

The block diagram IP Camera Security System 

The block diagram IP Camera Security System

IP Camera application.

In addition to providing high-speed network access, broadband information network can replace copper-axis cable image transmission lines, and incorporate real-time image monitoring into broadband information network applications. This makes information networks a necessity to replace traditional closed-circuit television.

IP Camera converts the image into a packet based on the TCP/IP network standard, so that the picture taken by the camera is directly transmitted to the network through the RJ-45 Ethernet interface or the WIFI WLAN wireless interface, and the picture can be remotely monitored through the network.

IP Camera is widely used in remote monitoring of offices, buildings and other areas: chain business, large factory room, remote elderly child care, public buildings, unattended environmental monitoring, branch monitoring of financial institutions, traffic supervision, false alarm identification, etc. Education, business, medical, and public utilities.

Ключевые компоненты

No. номер части Производитель
1 TMS320C6A8168 TI
2 TMS320F28027F TI
3 TMS320F28374D TI
4 TMS320F28062PFPQR TI
5 TMS320DM8148SCYE1 TI
6 TMS320DM8148CCYE0 TI
7 TMS320DM8147SCYE2 TI