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Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) standard 5.8G high-power WLAN front-end module solution

Время публикации : 2020-04-07 SKY85743
This article will tell you the high-power WLAN front-end module solution which based on Skyworks SKY85743.

Введение решения

When it comes to the perfect mobile experience, most people will come up with the requirements of speed download, long battery life, low heat and low power consumption, and slim design. The pillars behind these excellent performances are a little-known hero. ——WLAN front-end module.

From the earliest function phones mainly used for calls and text messages, to smartphones and WIFI devices that download faster than many home network connections, Radio Frequency Front End Design (RFFE) is the most important link in mobile phone design since its inception Was ignored. Without proper RFFE, the device cannot connect to the mobile network at all. A properly designed RFFE is critical to current innovations in mobile phone performance, functionality, and industrial design.

This always low-profile radio frequency front end (RFFE) is the functional area between the radio frequency transceiver and the antenna of the mobile phone. Equipment composition. Take Skyworks' SKY85743 platform for WIFI6 technology as an example. In addition to its remarkable FEM characteristics, higher transmission power and stronger receiving sensitivity, it also includes a temperature-compensated logarithmic detector function to achieve RF power amplifier over standing wave protection And PA, LNA, Switch including RF front-end, support a complete set of RF front-end solutions.

Application scenario diagram:

Wireless router, enterprise AP, CPE, network card, etc. With the development of the Internet of Things, there will be many potential market applications: IP cameras, wearable devices, smart homes, smart cars, VR devices, etc.

Panel AP home wireless networking solution

Routing home wireless networking solution

Router success stories (product excerpt from tp-link)

Product physical map

Application Schematic

RF key layout (TOP layer)

RF key layout (GND layer)

Core technical advantages

Indoor and outdoor 802.11ax network system and wireless video streaming system supporting WLAN

Apply AP, ROUTER, MESH, CPE system

80.2.11ax MCS11 160MHZ bandwidth high power advantage

Scheme specifications

 Integrated high-performance 5 GHz PA with bypassed LNA and T / R switch

 Fully matched input and output

 Integrated logarithmic power detector

 Using conformal EMI shielding technology

 Integrated temperature compensated log detector

 High sensitivity (16 dB) LNA

 Smaller package (24-pin, 3 x 5 mm)

 Transmitting gain: the typical value is 34 Db

 Support 802.11ax: output power:

1. +21 dBm, -43 dB DEVM, MCS11

2. +22 dBm, -40 dB DEVM, MCS11

3. +24 dBm, -35 dB DEVM, MCS9

Ключевые компоненты

No. номер части Производитель
1 SKY85743-21 SKYWORKS