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BMS power battery management system solution for smart cars based on NXP MC33771

Время публикации : 2020-04-02 MC33771
From this article you will get more information about BMS power battery management system solution for smart cars based on NXP MC33771, just read it carefully.

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The BMS battery management system is a key link between the battery, the core component of an electric vehicle, and the entire vehicle. Generally speaking, the BMS is composed of a master control unit and multiple slave control units. The slave control unit is directly connected to the battery pack and collects the battery voltage, current, and temperature. The master control unit uses the CAN bus or Daisy Chain ( Daisy-chain) communication to manage multiple slave units.

The BMS power battery management system solution based on NXP chip launched by World Peace Group, its main control unit uses NXP SPC5774PF MCU, which is a high performance, high security MCU based on Power Architecture with lock step core. SBC system base chip NXP UJA1167TK provides a variety of configurable power options. MCU with SBC system base chip can achieve a higher level of security. The analog front-end NXP MC33771 is responsible for battery data collection. One MC33771 can connect up to 14 single cells. Multiple MC33771s can be cascaded to form daisy-chain communication. The BMS solution provided by WPI Group has great flexibility to meet the needs of different customers.

Functional safety is the trend of the future automotive electronics industry, and it is also the advantage of the WMS Group's BMS solution. We provide a full set of BMS solutions, including high-performance, high-security microcontrollers and analog devices, which can help customers quickly simplify functions and safety design.

Scene application diagram

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Solution block diagram

Core technology advantages

① Monitor the voltage and temperature of a single battery

② Monitoring the voltage, current and temperature of the whole string

③ Passive equalization function between single batteries

④ CAN bus or daisy chain connection between battery packs

⑤ With a variety of protection and diagnostic functions

Solution specifications

① A single MC33771 can monitor 7 to 14 strings of batteries

② Built-in passive equalizing current switch tube, which supports a maximum of 300 mA passive equalizing current

③ Built-in coulomb meter for current detection

④ ASIL C chip functional safety level

⑤ Can support 15 MC33771 cascades

⑥ Detection accuracy 2 mV

⑦ Support 43 internal self-test functions

⑧ 65 us synchronous measurement of voltage and current

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