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Smart toothbrush solution based on Airoha AB1611 Bluetooth sp02 blood oxygen / blood pressure / heart rate

Время публикации : 2020-09-23 Airoha AB1611
This article will tell you the detail information about smart toothbrush solution, you just need to read it carefully.

Введение решения

Now that everything is connected, the era of the Internet of Things is coming. Consumer products are developing towards intelligent wireless applications. Based on this, the AB1611 low-power BLE Bluetooth solution and the accurate spO2 blood oxygen provided by MTK Bio chip MT6381, Blood pressure and heart rate data. Combined with big data cloud database AI analysis service. It can achieve daily monitoring of physical conditions and early notification of physical abnormalities.

AB1611 is a very simple and easy-to-use low-power Bluetooth BT5.0 / BT4.2 BLE chip platform. There is a flash memory that can store GATT transparent application software connected to the mobile phone. The TRSPX bin software, which implements the bluetooth The ADV broadcast packet defined by the BLE 4.2 specification, the mobile APP can also scan AB1611 through the Bluetooth SCAN function, connect and then establish a GATT service, exchange feature values and transmit GATT packages. The software can also perform MTU based on design requirements Sets and conforms to the 185 bytes Bluetooth packet exchange format defined by Android MTU packets and Apple IOS.

Software framework

There are various FreeRTOS in AB1611, and all the BLE stacks can be used directly. GATT, GAP, SM, FOTA, and BLE mesh stacks are all included in AB1611 and can be used directly.

AB1611 initialization BLE stack code

Init routine, initialize GATT, L2CAP package, OTA function

RSPX_service_init ()-Initialize BLE GATT service and feature exchange

GATT eigenvalue UUID

ADV Broadcast Packet RAW DATA

Software BLE event handler

The Bluetooth stack event is implemented through an event handler.When a mobile phone is successfully connected or disconnected, MTU data is exchanged, and AB1611 will notify the FreeRTOS BT event handler from the underlying Bluetooth hardware.

When the phone is connected to AB1611, it will trigger BT_GAP_EVT_CONNECTED

When the mobile phone transmits data with 1611, it will trigger BLE_GAP_MTU_EXCHANGED, and then display it in the console debug log, which is convenient for monitoring the Bluetooth status and BLE MTU packet transmission data check during development.

Console log,

Software Archive

Only six C codes are needed to easily complete Bluetooth ble initialization, GATT service and MTU exchange data

Development environment

AB1611 provides a complete set of toolchain and C compiler. In line with its built-in MCU, Jingxin N9 core, after the installation is complete, a compilation shortcut will appear on your computer desktop.

Compiling is very easy, just type make to compile

Please refer to the compilation picture

Build instructions #make projects / SAC_1611 /

After compiling, just use the AB1611 lab tool for programming.

Launch lab tool, set baudrate to 2M and program flash

Mobile APP software

AB1611 This solution provides a BLE GATT transparent transmission app, which can transfer the blood oxygen and blood pressure data read by the sensor to the mobile phone through Bluetooth ble

Install the app first, then turn on the mobile Bluetooth and scan device, the phone will find the SAC_AB1611 name, and then connect, as shown below

Solution app implementation, read blood oxygen, blood pressure data, and display on the app

Scene application diagram

Product entity diagram

Display board photos

Solution block diagram

antenna test report

Core technology advantages

The Bluetooth 5 SIG mesh solution, AB 1611 is an optimized single-chip solution that integrates baseband, radio, and flash memory for smart lighting and beacon applications. It complies with Bluetooth version 5.0 and SIG Mesh specifications. Embedded 512 KB flash memory is flexible and allows custom software development.


 Embedded 32-bit microcontroller with 16/72 MHz clock rate

 Embedded 512 KB Flash

 64 KB SRAM

 9 AIO support (12 bits)

 21 GPIO support

 Integrated 1.8V switching regulator and 1.8V LDO regulator

 Ultra-low power consumption for battery applications

 QFN 5x5 40-pin package

MT6381 module specifications:

● Integrated red and infrared light for reflective PPG measurement, LED + single-channel ECG analog front end

● Compact 6.8 mm x 4.93 mm x 1.2 mm, OLGA 22-pin package

● External bill of materials (BOM): 4 capacitors + 2 electrodes

● I2C / SPI digital interface

Solution specifications

1.Support BT5.0 SIG Grid Bluetooth

2.Support low power Bluetooth operation

3.Integrated red and infrared light for reflective PPG measurement: LED + single-channel ECG analog front end

4. Provide 6 key health data readings: heart rate, heart rate variability, blood pressure trend, blood oxygen saturation, electrocardiogram, and light volume pulse wave graph.

5.Support cloud service database, AI analysis

6.Support Android, IOS APP

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