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TI CC2541 Bluetooth Voltage Regulator for BLE Automotive

Время публикации : 2023-08-17 CC2541
From this article you will get more information about CC2541 Bluetooth voltage regulator solution for BLE car.

Введение решения

The automotive product market is a market in which all IC semiconductor factories are actively working hard to make inroads, but it seems to be around safety / stability / performance improvement / entertainment, and it seems to ignore the need to extend the application. Take the power supply as an example. The car only provides 12V power. If the USB power charging conversion device is installed, it can provide 5V power (but it must be a USB connector). Provide household AC power, if you need to drive out and need other power levels, it will not be available. And if the demand is the level of DC power, if the AC power output from the vehicle's direct-to-AC power converter is used first, and then the AC is converted to DC to obtain the required DC, there is no waste of inefficiency and an increase in cost.

This reference design is an example of applying SimpleLink ™ Bluetooth Low Energy CC2541 wireless microcontroller to automotive DC to DC power. Its circuit can control / change the TPL0401A's unstable power supply (10 ~ 30V) through the high-power buck-boost integrated circuit LM25118 and CSD18537N with the output voltage level set / adjusted by the Bluetooth low energy module. The equivalent resistance value is used to control the final output voltage of the LM25118 according to the output voltage level set / adjusted by the user through the APP to provide the stable output of the power set / adjusted by the user. For example: CC2541 accepts the user to issue 19V voltage through the mobile APP, and changes the resistance of TPL0401A to allow the LM25118 to provide a stable 19V output, which can directly charge the notebook computer.

Product entity diagram

Display board photos

Solution block diagram

Core technology advantages

(1) Car battery (cigarette butt) provides power to LM25118 and LDO LM3480

(2) BLE module changes TPL0401A equivalent resistance value according to external instructions

(3) LM25118 / CSD18537 with TPL0401A resistor value set by BLE to adjust the output voltage

Solution specifications

(1) Adjust output voltage setting using TI CC2541 module

(2) The vehicle battery (cigarette butt) provides power to the LM25118 and LDO LM3480-3.3 to power the module.

(3) CC2541 The module changes the equivalent resistance value of TPL0401A according to external instructions.

(4) LM25118 / CSD18537 with TPL0401A resistance set by BLE to adjust the output voltage, and the maximum output power is 60W

(5) Generally, the DC 10 ~ 30 power supply can be obtained. If the output voltage value is not required by the user, it can be adjusted to the power level that DC3V ~ 30V users want through this power converter.

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1 CC2541EMK TI
3 CC2541DK-RC TI