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  • Время публикации : 2018-11-23
    With the development of electronics industry,the use of electronic components is becoming more widespread. TS1011 based on STM32F205 can meet the technical requirements of fingerprint identification.
  • Время публикации : 2018-10-26
    IP Camera is a kind of camera that can produce digital video stream and transmit video stream through wired or wireless network. It has exceeded the geographical limit. As long as the network can remotely monitor and record, it will greatly save the cost of installation and wiring. Really remote monitoring without boundaries.
  • Время публикации : 2016-09-11
    Smart City IPv6 Interconnect Reference Design Solution has two wire or battery powered wireless end nodes, a wireless router connected to the PC.This paper mainly introduces the solution based on smart city, related characteristics, terminology explanation, explanation of plan framework