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ZETEX 700 Series

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The ZETEX 700 line of bipolar analog arrays offers a quick and cost-effective route for integration of analog electronics. A wide range of sizes, each being approximately 30% larger than the next smaller, allows for the well-matched integration of different complexities. In addition, a limited amount of digital gates may be integrated, too. Typical application fields for the ZETEX 700 series are sensor signal amplification, analog signal processing, or analog control tasks.

The ZETEX 700 series provides blocks of 12 transistors, 10 of which are convertible from npn to pnp and a further 2 Schottky transistors. The blocks are surrounded by a field of diffusion resistors. Located between the bond pads are large drive transistors (npn/pnp), pinch resistors acting as current sources, and junction capacitors.



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