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    SOURIAU is focused on the supply of connection technologies for severe environment. Our Compagny has a presence in the world’s major aerospace/defee programs and is strongly positioned in the railways, geophysical, robotics and itrumentation markets. The Compagny has been created by the successive acquisistio of the industrial, aeronautics, defee and space activities of SOURIAU, JUPITER and BURNDY.
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    This guide shows you how to quickly download the free LG SmartThinQ® app to your Android or iOS device and connect your LG Refrigerator.
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    For proper and safe use of your SEIKO watch, please read carefully the itructio in this Complete User Guide before using it.
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    This characteristic of the MLCC is based on the class of the ceramic with which the dielectric is made. There are two main classes of ceramics used today: class 1 and class 2. Class 1 ceramics are non-ferroelectric ceramics based on titanium dioxide, also known as titania, (TiO2), and frequently contain strontium titanate (SrTiO3) and calcium titanate (CaTiO3) as additives. Because they are paraelectric (nonferroelectric), these ceramics are very temperature stable. Additionally, class 1 ceramics do not change in capacitance when under a DC-bias, and show almost no loss in capacitance over time. Class 2 ceramics are ferroelectric and are usually based on barium titanate (BaTiO3). Class 2 ceramics have significantly higher dielectric cotants than class 1 ceramics. However, class 2 dielectric cotants will fluctuate significantly with temperature, applied voltage, and over time. Their dielectric cotants can vary significantly with temperature because the crystal structure of the ceramic will undergo phase changes within the operating temperature range of the MLCC. Class 2 ceramics also show a loss of capacitance when exposed to a DC electric field (DC-bias), and will exhibit a loss of capacitance over time (aging).
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    BUSINESS CHALLENGE Hah industrial environments found in the food and beverage, oil and gas and automotive industries are exceptionally punishing on electrical and electronic equipment. Some of the most at-risk components are the heavy-duty connecto that provide power, signal and communication to critical systems such as robotics and packaging machinery. The primary role of an industrial connector is the ability to maintain a secure and reliable connection. But liquids and dust can make their way into the connector housing during connect or disconnect, ultimately leading to outages and downtime. While most heavy duty industrial connecto come standard with a spring-loaded cover door that closes the housing during disconnect, a spring alone does not fully compress the cover gasket enough to form an adequate seal. An operator working on the plant floor must manually close a lever properly to seal the cover. Because operato have a highly demanding job and a difficult work environment, they often forget to close the lever. Over time, the results can be catastrophic, allowing liquid into the connector and causing system failure that is often hard to pinpoint. Once identified, the connector needs to be re-wired and tested which is a time couming and costly process.
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    This guide provides compreheive system level solutio for design and development of medical device applicatio using Renesas microcontrolle, standard integrated circuits and discrete devices. This guide provides solutio in general block diagrams and Renesas FAE can help you to get the optimum solutio, reference desig, reference software, and other technical support. DISCLAIMER. Renesas Product warranties and limitatio are expressly set out in the Renesas Electronics America Inc. Standard Terms and Conditio of Sale. RENESAS EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND ANY WARRANTY AGAIT INFRINGEMENT AND ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY ARISING FROM COUE OF PERFORMANCE, COUE OF DEALING, USAGE OF TRADE, OR OTHERWISE, WITH RESPECT TO MATERIALS OR SERVICES PROVIDED UNDER THESE TERMS OR TO THE PRODUCT, MATERIAL OR DOCUMENTATION OR ANY USE THEREOF. Renesas Products are not authorized for use in any application or purpose that poses a direct threat to human life, including but not limited to medical or systems for life support (e.g. artificial life support devices or systems), surgical implantatio, or healthcare intervention without the express prior written coent of Renesas Electronics America Inc. Renesas shall not be respoible or in any way liable for any damage or loss incurred arising from use of any Renesas Product in any such application or purpose where Renesas prior written coent has not been obtained by the Buyer or User.
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    This tutorial is a brief guide to getting started with Eclipse CDT IDE using the MAX3263X SDK included in the Maxim ARM Cortex Toolchain. Eclipse is an integrated development environment (IDE) that supports C and C++ language throughthe C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT) plugin. The MAX3263X software development kit (SDK) includes the MAX3263X library, firmware examples and documentation to help get use up and running on the MAX32630/31 ARM⑧Cortex⑧microcontroller. This guide provides steps on how to areate, import, build and debug a project in Eclipse using the MAX3263X SDK.
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    Download TFT LCD LCD drive principle at Jotrin Electronics.For more help, please contact the technical team. The document mainly introduces the driving principle of TFT LCD liquid crystal display.