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  • Размер: 4428 Kb Время публикации: 2019-01-02
    This data system provides a compreheive introduction to the selection and application of ON Semiconductor's LED lighting driver ICs. It is divided into: Portable products: LED indicato, LED flashlights, camera flashes, LED backlights for button battery-powered devices, etc.; / Billboard: intelligent LED driver for traffic lights, video billboards, etc.; medium voltage LED driver; AC-DC applicatio, such as LED fluorescent lamps, LED street lights; LED backlighting; street lighting intelligent control.
  • Размер: 90 Kb Время публикации: 2018-12-29
    The future is growing brighter for lighting based on lightemitting diodes (LEDs), thanks in part to falling prices and global government mandates to reduce energy coumption. High brightness LEDs are now being used in many different lighting applicatio, from outdoor display boards and TV LED backlights to traffic signals and airport runway lighting. LED lighting offe many advantages, including extreme long life, high efficiency,and a broad color palette. Even with less expeive LEDs, the enginee who design lighting products must be concerned with reliability. Reliability is especially important in applicatio where maintenance is difficult and where the failure of LED strings could jeopardize safety.
  • Размер: 259 Kb Время публикации: 2018-12-15
    Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are fast becoming the most popular lighting option.Industry forecasts anticipate the market will continue to expand at an annual rate of 20% from 2011 to 2016, with the greatest growth coming in the commercial and industrial lighting secto. As incandescent lamps have been made largely obsolete, given the U.S. government’s mandate to save energy, they have frequently been replaced by LEDs due to their long life (typically 25,000 h.) and the ease of adapting them to many different socket and shape requirements. However, LED lighting control presents a few problems not encountered with incandescent lamps. For example, with much less current from the LED load, normal types of triacs may be challenged in terms of latching and holding current characteristics.
  • Размер: 1541 Kb Время публикации: 2018-12-14
    The Photomicroseor is a compact optical seor that sees objects or object positio with an optical beam. The tramissive Photomicroseor and reflective Photomicroseor are typical Photomicroseo.The tramissive Photomicroseor incorporates an emitter and a tramissive that face each other as shown in Figure 1. When an object is located in the seing position between the emitter and the detector, the object intercepts the optical beam of the emitter, thus reducing the amount of optical energy reaching the detector.