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  • Размер: 4931 Kb Время публикации: 2020-03-26
    Ericsson reported underlying operating margin improvement in all segments YoY. Segment Managed Services’ gross margin excluding restructuring charges improved to 17.7% (9.1%) YoY, supported by efficiency gai and customer contract reviews.
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    This pdf will tell you the detail information about Micro Miniature Aluminum Electrolytic Capacito, so just read it carefully.
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    Established in 1982, MEAN WELL is a leading standard switching power supply manufacture in the world. MEAN WELL currently operates under five companies in Taiwan, China, USA and Europe and three factories in Taiwan, GuangZhou and SuZhou. The product lines include AC/DC switching power supplies, DC/DC converte, waterproof LED drive, adapto, DC/AC inverte and battery charge. We have over 9,500 standard models widely used in medical, automation, communication, LED lighting, moving sign, and office automation fields.
  • Размер: 2257 Kb Время публикации: 2020-03-25
    The RF5110G is a high-power, high-gain, high-efficiency power amplifier. The device is manufactured with an advanced GaAs HBT process. It is designed for use as the final RF amplifier in GSM hand-held equipment in 900 MHz band, and General-Purpose radio application in standard sub-bands from 150 MHz to 960 MHz. An analog on-board power controller provides over 70 dB range of adjustment. Which allows for power down with a voltage equals to the logic “Low” to set the device in standby mode. The RF5110G RF Input is internally matched to 50 Ω. On its RF Output, it can be easily matched externally to obtain optimum power and efficiency for certain applicatio.
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    CONTACT RATING: Q contact material: 4 AMPS @ 125 V AC or 28 V DC; 2 AMPS @ 250 V AC (UL/CSA). See page L-9 for additional ratings. ELECTRICAL LIFE: 10,000 make-and-break cycles at full load. CONTACT RESISTANCE: Below 10 m Ω typ. initial @ 2-4 V DC, 100 mA, for both silver and gold plated contacts. IULATION RESISTANCE: 109 Ω min.
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    Type BBR "BLUE BEAVE," miniature veion s of the SR. arc es p ecially populor fo r cromp ed spa ce in stallation s in te lev ision receive. hearing aids, miniature rad ios cnd other sma ll ossemblies. They ore hermetically scaled in tubular ' aluminum can. laine with cardboard sleeve cn d ideally suited 10 meet requirements in low voltage circu its. NEGATI VE TERM INAL IS GROUNDED TO CAN.
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    Features ( Kyocera's series of Mutilayer Ceramic Chio Capacito are designed to meet a wide variety of needs. We offer a complete range of products for both general and specialzed applicatio. We have a network worldwide in order to supply our global customer bases quickly and efficienty and to maintain our reputation as one of the highest-volume produce in the industry All our products are highly relable due to their monolithic structure of high-purity and superfine uniform ceramics and their integral internal electrodes. By combining superior manufacturing technology and materials with high dielectric cotants, we produce extremely compact components with exceptional specificatio. Our stringent quality control in every phase of production from material procurement to shipping eures coistent manufacturing and super quality. Kyocera components are available in a wide choice of dimeio, temperature characteristics, rated voltages, and terminatio to meet specific configurational requirements.
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    The Agilent QuickProbe is a real-time MS analysis technique that enables you to identify compounds with little or no sample preparation. The easy-to-use probe, combined with an Agilent GC/MS system, provides fast data analysis with automated library identification. The result: Near itantaneous determination of sample composition at a fraction of the cost. For overloaded foreic laboratories, QuickProbe is the perfect solution to quickly determine the composition (including the presence of controlled substances) of tablets, powde, and liquids.
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    Harris Corporation is a leading technology innovator, solving custome’ toughest mission-critical challenges by providing solutio that connect, inform and protect. Harris supports government and commercial custome around the world. Learn more at harris.com.
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    JRC is to provide customer-driven scientific and technical support for the conception, development, implementation and monitoring of EU policies. As a service of the European Commission, the JRC functio as a reference centre of science and technology for the Union. Close to the policy-making process, it serves the common interest of the Member States, while being independent of special interests, of the Member States, while being independent of special interests, whether private or national.