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    The name Ideal Op Amp is applied to this and similar analysis because the salient paramete of the op amp are assumed to be perfect. There is no such thing as an ideal op amp,but present day op amps come so close to ideal that Ideal Op Amp analysis approaches actual analysis. Op amps depart from the ideal in two ways. Fit, dc paramete such as input offset voltage are large enough to cause departure from the ideal. The ideal assumes that input offset voltage is zero. Second, ac paramete such as gain are a function of frequency, so they go from large values at dc to small values at high frequencies.This assumption simplifies the analysis, thus it clea the path for iight. It is so much easier to see the forest when the brush and huge trees are cleared away. Although the ideal op amp analysis makes use of perfect paramete, the analysis is often valid because some op amps approach perfection. In addition, when working at low frequencies, several kHz, the ideal op amp analysis produces accurate awe. Voltage feedback op amps are covered in this chapter.