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    3M is offering Connecto for PC104 Embedded Systems Applicatio as an addition to our embedded computing product line. These connecto conform to PC/104 Embedded-PC Modules. 3M is offering both of the primary connecto specified by PC/104: 8-bit J1/P1 and 16-bit J2/P2 in both stack-through and notack-through optio. J3/P3 connecto are also available in the PC104 Plus product line on Customer Drawing TS-2391.
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    The DSP281x peripheral header files and example projects included in (SPRC097) facilitate writing in C/C++ Code for the Texas Itruments ‘281x DSPs. The code can be used as a learning tool or as the basis for a development platform depending on the current needs of the user. • Learning Tool: This download includes several example Code Composer Studio™† projects for a DSP281x development platform. One such platform is the eZdsp™†† F2812 USB from Spectrum Digital Inc.
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    Python has two built-in modules for handling command line arguments, one is getopt, as mentioned in "Deep in python", which can only handle command line arguments; the other is optpae, which is powerful and Easy to use, it's easy to generate standard, Unix/Posix compliant command line itructio.