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    Designe know that redrive are an essential part of solving signal integrity challenges in gigabit systems. But at speeds up to 8 GT in PCI Express 3.0 systems, linear redrive are needed to also comply with PCI-SIG specs and with chipset vendo’ datasheets. That is, it’s not enough to open the signal eye—the redriver also needs to precisely match PCI Express Link Training waveforms while offering designe the ability to “tweak” channel characteristics.
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    With the 21st century focus on efficiency and productivity, factory automation equipment manufacture have joined the aerospace and defee industries reliability bandwagon, striving for little to no down time or failure on manufacturing floo. Subsequently, reliability design requirements are now often mandated by factory automation equipment manufacture. Product enginee must not only focus on embedded solutio that meet cost and performance goals, but devices that will help to assure overall end equipment reliability requirements. While integrated circuits have enabled quantum leaps in performance, size, and overall cost of embedded systems, the reliance on various memory elements and employment of small-geometry silicon process technologies introduce reliability challenges.