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    This application note discusses the PCB layout coideratio of Microchip's families of Hub Controller devices such as USB57×4, USB553x, USB25xx, and USB46xx. It is widely applicable to any of Microchip's USB 2.0 and USB 3.1 Gen 1 device implementatio. Audience This application note is written for reader that are familiar with PCB design, including signal integrity, differential signaling, and thermal management implementation concepts. Objective The goal of this document is to provide implementation information that specifically applies to designing PCBs using Microchip's USB57×4, USB553x, USB25xx, and USB46xx families of Hub Controller devices. Careful implementation of these guidelines enables successful desig.
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    A fiducial is essentially an alignment mark for surface mount assembly machines. High volume assembly requires them to eure accurate registration and parts placement. Low volume assembly, like we do here at Screaming Circuits, doesn't necessarily require them. (Some low volume shops do, so ask before assuming). Even if they aren't required, they still help and are always a pretty decent idea.
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    Download this Allegro PCB Editor lesson 2 at Jotrin Electronics. In this lesson you will learn to customize the Allegro® PCB Editor environment to accelerate design work by using macros, scripts, aliases and function key definitio, and setting User Preferences optio. This part of the coue does not follow a design flow. The objective is to broaden your knowledge by introducing ways that can help you to become a productive user of the tool. We worked with the Allegro PCB Design L tool earlier in the coue. This part of the coue uses Allegro PCB Design XL. During the rest of the coue there is no specific design flow. The coue material continues assuming you know the basics of the tool. We plan to show you the power of the PCB Editor tool, which hopefully will encourage you to work further with the tool on your own.