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American Microsystems Inc (ON Semiconductor)
  • AMIS

  • Full Name : American Microsystems Inc (ON Semiconductor) Производитель
  • Сайт :
  • Acquirer : ON Semiconductor

  • Страна : United States

Manufacturer Introduction

AMI was founded in 1966 in Santa Clara, CA.  Established its manufacturing facility in Pocatello, Idaho, in 1970. Very successful in the early 70’s when it had 50% share of the MOSFET IC market. Established manufacturing facilities in the Philippines in 1980. Bought by Gould in 1982. Gould was bought by Japan Energy Corporation in 1988. In 2000, AMI was bought Francisco Partners and CVC and renamed AMI Semiconductor. AMI should not be confused with American Megatrends, Inc. makers of AMI BIOS.

ON Semiconductor has acquired AMI Semiconductor .

Today, ON Semiconductor is a company with broader technology and more robust operations.

They continue to be committed to providing first-class customer service, advanced technology solutions, industry-leading supply chain management and world-class quality and manufacturing. 

As they combine the two successful companies into one and streamline operations, they believe that they will create more value for our customers and shareholders.

Committed to promoting innovation in energy-efficient electronics, customers can reduce global energy use.

ON Semiconductor is leading the supply of semiconductor-based solutions that provide comprehensive energy-efficient power management,

Analog, sensor, logic, timing, interoperability, discrete, system-on-chip (SoC) and custom device lineups.

The company’s products help engineers solve their problems in the automotive, communications, computer, consumer electronics, industrial, medical,

unique design challenges for aerospace and defense applications. 

The company operates a sensitive, reliable, world-class supply chain and quality program.

A strong law-abiding and ethical plan and operations in key markets in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, including manufacturing plants.
 Business network including sales offices and design centers.


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