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Nichicon (America) Corp
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Manufacturer Introduction

Nichicon Corporation is a global leading supplier of high quality electronic components such as Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitors, and Plastic Film Capacitors. Nichicon′s goal is to offer the highest quality products through their "zero-defect" production management system that ensures stable and reliable production by enforcing strict quality control measures. Their research and development framework puts new technologies to practical use as quickly as possible. Nichicon has acquired ISO 9000 Certification at its headquarters, domestic sales offices, and 18 production sites.Nichicon was founded in 1950. Nichicon has constantly been involved in the development, production, and sales of capacitors, circuit products, and other kinds of electronic components that are essential for many types of electronics. In order to survive in the global market, Nichicon is making efforts to reinforce competitiveness and improve the level of customer satisfaction, while strengthening and expanding development, production, and sales frameworks. Nichicon also consider it important to be able to grow continuously and steadily in fulfilling the Corporate Social Responsibilities by living up to and strengthening the trust that the society has placed in us as well. Nowadays, the needs for electronic components are becoming increasingly advanced and diversified asNichiconembrace the fully-fledged digital network era. Nichicon has launched aggressive corporate strategies and cater to the needs ofcustomers in four market segments that are experiencing particularly striking growth: “Digital home appliances”, “Automotive and railway car-related appliances”, “Ecology-related appliances” and “Information and communications appliances”. Nichicon also intend not only to address market needs but also reinforce the endeavors in environmental conservation activities, compliance with laws and regulations, social contributions, and matters of importance. These years, Nichicon completed the headquarters building and focused on embodying the concepts of “Spirit of Innovation, Environment, and Wisdom of the Old Capital.” What’s more, Nichicon continues to take on the challenges of the era without hesitation and with full awareness of the global competition, and remain committed to working toward the goal of becoming the “Number-one, only- one company” that pursues a more affluent society.

At Jotrin you can find nearly any and every board-level electronic component, tool requirement and/or raw material all in one place.Nichiconsupply the largest variety of electronic component parts, including allocated, obsolete and hard-to-find components, and the largest availability of Nichicon components. Can't find the part you need for your application? Call or email Jotrin with any questions and one offriendly and knowledgeable associates will work to find what you need.

As one of the leading distributors of Nichicon electronic components, Jotrin Electronics Limited. can help you locate whatever you need, whether it is for commercial, industrial or military grade use.Nichiconare the biggest Nichicon components supplier online, andNichiconwork with O.E.M excess inventories, a widespread network of dependable contacts and local sourcing to helpcustomers and clients find hard-to-find electric components. When you want only the best electronic components, choose Jotrin Electronics Limited..

With over $10 million of available inventory, Jotrin Electronics Limited. has one of the largest line cards to be had, with all grades of parts available, including mil-spec, industrial grade, and commercial grade parts.Nichiconcarry only the highest quality Nichicon components and are dedicated to always providing the very best visitor experience forcustomers.Nichiconare well known forgreat prices, great selection, and as the leading online source for hard-to-find and factory new electronic component parts. When you buy Nichicon component parts from Jotrin you can be sure you are getting only the best parts at the best prices.

At Jotrin Electronics Limited. finding Nichicon components is fast and easy, and you can order securely online for worldwide delivery. As one of the top Nichicon components distributor in the industry,line card is incredibly diverse, yet some parts can be difficult to find. If you can't locate what you require, submit a quote request andNichiconwill try to find the part immediately. Or simply call us today at +86-755-83666342 to speak with a representative about the electric component parts you need.

Nichicon is product portfolio consists of Aluminum electrolytic capacitors, electric double layer capacitors, film capacitors, thermistors, switching power supplies, functional modules, etc..


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