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Sharp Electrionic Components
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  • Страна : Japan

Manufacturer Introduction

Sharp Corporate headquarters are located in Camas, Washington which is also home to Sharp Microelectronics Technology - the U.S. integrated circuit research and development center, liquid crystal display (LCD) research lab, and LCD manufacturing and repair center. Like all Sharp factories, this facility is ISO-9000 certified.

Sharp has been one of the world's great innovators of practical devices and electronic components for more than 80 years, beginning with the first mechanical pencil, and including most major breakthroughs in liquid crystal displays, the first handheld calculators, the first LEDs, and much more.

Sharp Microelectronics is the microelectronics sales and marketing division of Sharp Electronics Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sharp Corporation. Sharp Corporation is a worldwide developer of innovative technologies that are leading the next generation of electronic products for consumer and business markets. Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas offers forward-thinking LCD, Optoelectronics, Memory, Imager, and RF/IR components. Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas offers these products along with packaging and integration skills that help design engineers throughout North and South America bring their aspirations to market.

Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas engages in the sale and marketing of microelectronics. It offers liquid crystal displays; lighting products, such as light emitting diodes (LED) and LED modules, as well as LED drivers, including AC and DC drivers; optoelectronics, which include IR remote receivers, photo interrupters, and air and ambient sensors; isolation devices, such as AC and DC input photo couplers, phototriac products, and solid state relays, as well as high speed, opic, and isolated gate drivers photo couplers; and various power devices, TV panels, and flash memory products. 

Sharp Microelectronics

The company offers its products for washing machines, car navigation and entertainment systems, factory automation and PLC controllers, handheld games and toys, intelligent picture frames, MP3 jukebox players, cell phones, media players, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, and vending machines. It offers its products through direct sales and its representatives, as well as through a network of distributors in North America and South America. 

Sharp is product portfolio consists of Industrial LCD/Memory LCD/Custom Camera Modules/CCD Image Sensors/CMOS Image Sensors/Lighting electronics, RF and wireless devices, etc..


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    When it comes to finding the perfect display, it’s all about optio. At Sharp, we continue working hard to expand our Industrial Application (IA) display line-up to provide solutio for the widest possible variety of requirements. Our IA LCDs range from 3.5-inch to 23.5-inch (diagonal). From stock IA panels to premium out-of-the box parts to our budget-friendly Value IA LCDs, we aim to meet both your specification and budgetary needs.
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    Memory in every pixel allows for rich content on a small display – with ultra-low power coumption.