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Предохранители A fuse is an electrical safety device (a component) that removes electrical current from an electrical circuit when the current in the electrical circuit is too high. A fuse is a current sensitive piece of wire – when the fuse is working the wire is not broken, when the fuse has ‘blown’ the wire breaks.
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    Производитель: LITTELFUSE

    Упаковка/Ящик: 5mm x 20mm

  • FUSE, CARTRIDGE, 1A, 5X20MM, TIME DELAY, Voltage Rating VAC:250V, Fuse Current:1A, Breaking Capacity Current AC:35A, Fuse Size Metric:5mm x 20mm, Fuse Size Imperial:0.2" x 0.79", Blow Characteristic:Time Delay, Series:Slo-Blo
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