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Logic ICs

Логические ИС Modern digital logic ICs are widely available in three basic types: TTL devices, “slow” CMOS devices and “fast” CMOS devices. Each of these families has its own particular advantages and disadvantages, and its own special set of usage rules. Logic IC is one kind of Digital ICs.Digital ICs are further sub-categorized as logic ICs, memory chips, interface ICs, Power Management ICs, and programmable devices. Logic ICs brand manufacturers including Renesas Electronics,Texas Instruments,TOSHIBA Semiconductor etc. Logic ICs are available at Jotirn.You can buy Logic ICs at Jotirn. Some Logic ICs products stocks are blows,view the price,package,datasheet for the related Comparator ICs model.
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  • ST26C32AB
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  • FPGA, FLEX 10KE, 30K GATES, PQFP208; Logic IC family:FPGA; Logic IC Base Number:10; Logic IC function:EPF10K30E; Voltage, supply:2.5V; Case style:PQFP; Gates, No. of:30000; I/O lines, No. of:147; Pins, No. of:208; Temp, op. RoHS Compliant: Yes
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