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Тепловые выключатели
A thermal cutoff is an electrical safety device that interrupts electric current when heated to a specific temperature. These devices may be for one-time use or may be reset manually or automatically. Bypassing a Dryer Thermal Fuse. If you do not have access to a multimeter or ohmmeter, you can momentarily bypass the thermal fuse.Operating a dryer with a bypassed thermal fuse is both unnecessary and unsafe, so a bypass should only be done long enough to troubleshoot a potential problem. Thermal Cutoffs are available at Jotrin Electronics.
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  • EYP-05BE115
  • EYP-05BE115


    Производитель: PANASONIC

  • THERMAL CUTOFF 115C .5A/250VAC,Thermal Cutoffs 115C .5A/250VAC THERMAL CUTOFF
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