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тиристоры The Thyristor is a unidirectional device, that is it will only conduct current in one direction only, but unlike a diode, the thyristor can be made to operate as either an open-circuit switch or as a rectifying diode depending upon how the thyristors gate is triggered.First production: 1956. Jotirn Electronics are selling some Thyristors stock,buy Thyristors at Jotirn store online.
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  • BS08D-112
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    Производитель: POWEREX

    Упаковка/Ящик: TO-92S

  • Sidac Thyristor; Gate Trigger Current Max, Igt:5mA; Current, It av:175mA; Leaded Process Compatible:No; Package/Case:TO-92; Peak Reflow Compatible (260 C):Yes; Switching Current Max:200uA; Switching Voltage Max:9V RoHS Compliant: Yes
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