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Analog Devices' electronic part number naming conventions

Время обновления: 2020-03-31 16:44:55

Analog Devices'  electronic part number naming conventions

DSP Signal Processor Amplifier Industrial Device Communication Power Management Mobile Communication

Video / Image Processor, etc.Analog A / D D / A Converter Sensor Analog Device

Most AD products start with "AD" and "ADV", and also have "OP" or "REF", "AMP", "SMP", "SSM", "TMP", "TMS", etc.

Description of the suffix:

1. J in the suffix indicates civilian products (0-70 ° C), N indicates ordinary plastic packaging, and R in the suffix indicates surface stickers.

2. The suffix with D or Q indicates Tao Feng, industrial grade (45 ℃ -85 ℃). H in the suffix indicates a round cap.

3. SD or 883 in the suffix are military products.

For example: JN DIP package JR surface mount JD DIP pottery seal

AD common product model designation

Monolithic and hybrid integrated circuits


1 2 3 4 5

1. Prefix: AD analog device, HA hybrid integrated A / D, HD hybrid integrated D / A

2. Device model

3. General description: A second generation product, DI dielectric isolation, Z works at ± 12V

4.Temperature range / performance (ranked by parameter performance improvement):

I, J, K, L, M 0 ° C to 70 ° C

A, B, C-25 ° C or -40 ° C to 85 ° C

S, T, U -55 ° C to 125 ° C

5. Package form:

D ceramic or metal sealed dual in-line R miniature "SQ" package

E Ceramic leadless chip carrier RS Reduced miniature package

F ceramic flat package S plastic four-sided lead flat package

G ceramic pin array ST thin four-sided lead flat package

H sealed metal tube cap T TO-92 type package

J J-lead ceramic package U thin miniature package

M ceramic metal cover DIP W unsealed ceramic / glass DIP

N material leaded chip carrier Y single in-line

Q ceramic fused double in-line Z ceramic leaded chip carrier

P Plastic or epoxy sealed dual in-line

High-precision monolithic device


1 2 3 4 5 6

1. Device classification

ADC  A / D converter   OP operation amplifier

AMP  Device Amplifier  PKD Peak Monitor

BUF  Buffer                PM PMI Secondary Power Products

CMP Comparator        REF  Voltage Comparator

DAC  D / A converter   RPT  PCM line repeater

JAN  Mil-M-38510       SMP  sample / hold amplifier

LIU Serial Data Column Interface Unit   SW Analog Switch

MAT Paired Transistor   SSM Audio Products

MUX Multiplexer           TMP  Temperature sensor

2. Device model

3. Aging selection

4. Electrical Rating

5. Package form:

H 6 legs TO-78 S miniature package

J 8-leg TO-99 T 28-leg ceramic double in-line

K 10 leg TO-100 TC 20 lead-free chip carrier

P Epoxy resin B double inline V 20 leg ceramic double inline

PC Plastic leaded chip carrier X 18-leg ceramic dual in-line

Q 16-leg ceramic dual in-line insert Y 14-leg ceramic dual in-line insert

R 20-legged ceramic in-line Z 8-legged ceramic in-line

RC 20 leadless chip carrier

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