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Application of sensors in smart home systems

Время публикации: 2020-06-30 18:01:10

Sensors play a very important role in smart home systems. A very important function of smart home systems is the intelligent opening and closing of devices. The triggered command is sent through the sensor to liberate human hands in a sense.

From the functional point of view, the sensors may include infrared touch sensors, human body movement sensors, illuminance sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, gas sensors, smoke alarms, and PM2.5 sensors. The sensors are the front-end tentacles of each subsystem. The sensor makes a simple explanation.

Human Infrared/Motion Sensor

This type of sensor mainly senses the presence of the human body and realizes the function of turning the lights on and off. The reason for infrared and mobile dual-scan sensors is mainly to avoid false alarms caused by pure infrared detectors, thereby reducing the error rate of the entire smart home system. This type of sensor is mainly linked to an intelligent lighting system. The most commonly used function is to go home at night and open the door to automatically turn on the light, which is very convenient.

Illumination sensor

Light plays a very important role in our lives, but we often ignore it. For example, no matter how strong the light is outside, the lights at home keep a brightness and increase electricity consumption; when reading, the light is too strong It will also cause some damage to our eyes; if there is an intelligent dimming system with an illuminance sensor, the home light will automatically adjust the brightness of the light according to the brightness of the outside world, so that the home light always maintains a comfortable brightness , While also reducing power consumption.

Temperature sensor

It is similar to the light sensor function. It can automatically adjust the temperature according to the temperature change in the room, and even automatically turn the air conditioner on and off. This function is very suitable for schools, shopping malls, offices and other occasions. All air conditioners are controlled centrally. When the temperature reaches a critical value, the air conditioner will automatically turn on. On the contrary, the temperature has not reached the critical value. At this time, if the air conditioner panel is locked, only the administrator has the authority to operate it.

Gas sensor, smoke sensor

This type of sensor is used in the security field. When the sensor detects the sensor and smoke, it will send an alarm message to the owner, and send instructions to the manipulator, close the gas valve and open the window. If such sensors can be used on a large scale, the annual gas poisoning incident will be reduced a lot.

The above is about sharing the use of sensors in the smart home system, I hope to help you.

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