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Дома > Control / MCU > Based on TI CC3200 BleFi - BLE Wifi IoT Gateway Solution

Based on TI CC3200 BleFi - BLE Wifi IoT Gateway Solution

Время обновления: 2021-08-23 11:19:34

The Gateway connects Bluetooth Smart devices to the Internet via Wi-Fi®. Through it Bluetooth Smart Nodes can be used in home/building automation and retail market environments. This reference design uses the SimpleLink ultra-low power CC2650 wireless MCU and the SimpleLinkWiFi CC3200 wireless MCU to connect SimpleLink™ SensorTag data to IBM Bluemix cloud services.

IBM Bluemix cloud services.png

► Product Physical Image

Product Physical Image.png

► Display version photo

Display version photo.png

► Solution Cube Diagram

Solution Cube Diagram.png

► Core Technology Benefits

Connects Bluetooth smart devices to the cloud

USB powered, compact form factor

Low power WiFi connectivity

Configuration using USB command interface

Works with SimpleLinkSensorTag kit

► Solution Specifications

CC2650 SimpleLink multi-standard 2.4 GHz ultra-low power wireless MCU

CC3200 SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® and IoT solution, single-chip wireless MCU

TPS79601DR Ultra-Low Noise, High PSRR, Fast, RF, 1A Low Dropout Linear Regulator


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