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Collaborating with Semtech, Cypress Provides LoRaWAN? Integrated Solutions for Smart City Applications and introducing the Cypress PSoC 6

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1.Article summary

This article will report that the lastest news about Cypress and to introduce the features and details for Cypress Unveils PSoC 6.Through this article, we will understand the latest developments in Cypress and understand the characteristics of the PSoC 6.

2.About Cypress

Cypress is the world's leading innovator of advanced embedded solutions for automobiles, industries, smart appliances, consumer electronics and medical products.Cypress's microcontrollers, analog IC, wireless and usb-based connectivity solutions, and reliable high performance memory can help engineers design differentiated products and market them.Cypress is committed to providing customers with the best support and development resources on the earth ,so they can disrupt markets  by creating new product categories in record time

3.Cypress take an important step to Collaborate with Semtech,to Provides Perfect LoRaWAN™  Integrated Solutions for Smart City Applications.

Press source :Cypress Semiconductor website.

According to report,Vancouver, Canada, June 6, 2018

Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (NASDAQ: CY), a leader in embedded solutions and a LoRa Alliance™ member, announced it has collaborated with Semtech Corporation (Nasdaq: SMTC) on a compact, two-chip LoRaWAN™-based module deployed by Onethinx. 

The highly-integrated Onethinx module is ideal for smart city applications that integrate multiple sensors and are in harsh radio environments. Using Cypress’ PSoC® 6 MCU hardware-based Secure Element functionality and Semtech’s LoRa® devices and wireless radio frequency technology (LoRa Technology), the solution enables a multi-layer security architecture that isolates trust anchors for highly protected device-to-cloud connectivity. In addition, the PSoC 6 MCU’s integrated Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) connectivity provides a simple, low-power, out-of-band control channel. The PSoC 6 device is the lowest power consumption, the function is the most flexible Arm ® architecture ® - M dual-core MCU, its architecture  is as low as 22-μA/MHz active power for the Cortex-M4 core.The device is very suitable for Semtech latest LoRa radio chip series, compared with the previous generation device, the device on the receiving mode can save 50% of the power, and can provide 20% longer power range.

Security is a major concern for many smart city applications.The Onethinx module utilizes the integrated security component function in PSoC 6 MCU to provide each LoRaWAN based device with a secret identity to safely boot, board and transmit data to the cloud application.With its mutual authentication function, LoRa device based on PSoC 6 MCU can also receive verified wireless firmware updates.The iot security provider and Bosch group member ESCRYPT provides key configuration and management services to provide a complete end-to-end security LoRaWAN solution.The module provided by sypras partner Onethinx connects to Bosch Sensortec's cross domain development suite (XDK) of MEMS sensors, as well as ESCRYPT supply systems for secure connections.

The point of the Cypress manager

“With its long range and low power capabilities in a compact footprint, Semtech’s LoRa Technology is ideal for vertical applications,” said Vivek Mohan, Director of IoT in Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Products Group. “Combining LoRa Technology with Cypress’ PSoC 6 MCU in a purpose-built IoT module will accelerate the delivery of leading-edge IoT solutions for smarter cities and a smarter planet.”

“Devices for LoRaWAN networks need to be secure to protect the data they generate and process,” said Jack Ogawa, senior director of marketing for the MCU business unit at Cypress. “We’re excited to work with LoRaWAN ecosystem members to offer developers the unique combination of secure PSoC 6 MCUs and Semtech’s new lower power, longer range LoRa Technology to address smart city applications.”

Jotrin Electronic Engineer, Ben, believes that the cooperation between Cypress and Semtech ,that will really bring about a huge change in the industry. This cooperation will be a good integration of the two parties' high-quality resources.That will improve industrial efficiency. It will speed up their overall layout in IoT. This is a very effective cooperation. Jotrin Electronics looking forward to the surprise that they will bring to us in the next step. We hope they will develop better products.

4.Cypress Semiconductor PSoC® 6 Microcontroller introduction

4.1 who are Cypress Semiconductor PSoC® 6 Microcontroller

Cypress Semiconductor PSoC® 6 Microcontroller (MCU) is an ultra-low-power, high-performance PSoC MCU with critical security features for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The PSoC 6 is based on an ultra-low-power 40nm process technology and provides a dual-core ARM® Cortex®-M architecture. The MCU also provides the capacitive sensing solution, CapSense®, software-defined analog and digital peripherals, programmable analog-front-end (AFE) functions, and multiple connectivity options.

PSoC 6 provides a secure solution for IoT development and supports multiple, simultaneous secure environments without the need for external memories or SoCs. The PSoC 6 provides integrated hardware and software security features for IoT systems that require protection against cyber threats and hacking. The PSoC 6 incorporate flexibility and new features to address market trends without the need for hardware changes. Enable next generation IoT application development in a timely and reliable manner using the intuitive PSoC Creator IDE and vast ecosystem partners.

Cypress Semiconductor PSoC® 6 Microcontroller

4.2 The features of PSoC® 6

  • Dynamic voltage and frequency scaling enabling both performance- and power-critical processing
  • Auxiliary core which can be used as an offload engine for power efficiency, allowing main core to sleep
  • Software defined peripherals to create custom AFEs and to support last-minute design changes while minimizing PCB re-spins
  • CapSense, the industry’s best capacitive sensing solution, to support sleek, next-generation user-interfaces
  • Utilizes a dual core ARM® Cortex®-M architecture to optimize on power and performance
  • Multiple wired and wireless connectivity options like BLE and USB to support Internet, cloud-based services 
  • Implements industry-standard cryptographic algorithms including AES and ECC
  • Support for multiple, simultaneous secure environments without the need for external memories or SoCs
  • Delivers an integrated, hardware-based TEE with secure data storage for connected IoT solutions

4.2 What‘s the benifit of PSoC 6

PSoC 6 bridges the gap between expensive, power hungry application processors and low performance microcontrollers (MCUs). The ultra low power PSoC 6 MCU architecture offers the processing performance needed by IoT devices, eliminating the tradeoffs between power and performance. The PSoC 6 MCU contains a dual‑core architecture, with both cores on a single chip. It has an Arm® Cortex® M4 for high‑performance tasks, and an Arm® Cortex®‑M0+ for low-power tasks, and with security built-in, your IoT system is protected.

PSoC 6 Dual-Core MCU Architecture

4.3 The description of related keywords

Lowest Power MCUs

IoT devices are often battery powered, making battery life a critical factor. The PSoC 6 MCU architecture is built on cutting‑edge, ultra‑low‑power 40‑nm process technology, and provides two Arm® Cortex®‑M cores. Active power consumption is as low as 22‑µA/MHz for the M4 core and as low as 15‑µA/MHz for the M0+ core. PSoC 6 delivers extended battery life without sacrificing performance.

PSoC Possibilities

The rapid growth of the IoT is sparking a need for innovation in IoT products. The PSoC 6 MCU architecture's best‑in‑class flexibility enables the addition of new features and addresses the need for unique IoT products with multiple connectivity options such as USB and BLE, software‑defined peripherals to create custom analog and digital circuits and CapSense®, the industry's best capacitive‑sensing solution

IoT Security

With more devices becoming connected to the IoT, cyber security becomes an important issue to address. Secured connections must be established between hardware, cloud applications and servers, and finally users and services. The PSoC 6 MCU architecture supports multiple, simultaneous secure environments without the need for external memories or secure elements. 

5.Market information

The PSoC 6 MCU  is coming ,and the related Cypress products ,you can find it at jotrin electronics website

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