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Comchip CDBHD Low VF Schottky Bridge Rectifiers

Время обновления: 2019-12-19 22:07:54

Comchip CDBHD  Low VF Schottky Bridge Rectifiers

Comchip Technology CDBHD series low VF Schottky rectifiers come in the TO-269AA (Mini-Dip), which is the smallest bridge rectifier package available. Comchip Technology CDBHD 1A and 2A Schottky bridge rectifiers perform full-wave rectification with increased efficiency of 25% with the low voltage drop characteristics (0.44V to 0.85V vs. standard 1.0V to 1.2V).These Comchip devices are faster than standard bridge rectifiers while taking up only half the board space of standard rectifiers.

Comchip Technology Corporation is a leader in the design and manufacture of SMD discrete semiconductors. From small signal switches, low dropout Schottky barrier diodes, Zener diodes, and rectifiers to custom high voltage or low forward voltage rectifiers, Comchip is always able to provide customers with suitable diodes. Comchip Technology is the first manufacturer to offer a RoHS-compliant, standardized DFN/flat chip package and eliminates the possibility of tin whisker through the use of gold-plated terminals. The DFN package is now available in the SOD-323F (1005), SOD-523F (0603), SOD-723F (0503) and SOD-923F (0402) specifications. Comchip's diode products are ideal for personal computers, digital cameras, PDAs, pagers, wireless, networking and portable devices, as well as high reliability applications where tin whiskers need to be eliminated.

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