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Cooper Bussmann

Время обновления: 2019-12-19 22:03:00

Cooper Bussmann

PS04LTVA1 ESD Suppressors, part of the PolySurg LTV Series from Cooper Bussmann, protect valuable high-speed data circuits with sensitive ICs from ESD damage without distorting data signals as a result of its ultra-low (0.05pF typical) capacitance. Cooper Bussmann's PS04LTVA1 ESD Suppressors have low trigger voltage and clamping voltage delivering enhanced ESD protection, fast response time, are single line and bidirectional for placement flexibility, have low profile, low leakage current reducing power consumption, and are RoHS compliant, halogen free, and lead free for global acceptance.

Cooper Bussmann, a division of Cooper Industries, is one of the world’s largest producers of circuit protection devices to protect electrical, electronic and automotive systems from circuit overload.

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