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Introduction of Darlington NPN Transistor-TIP120

Время обновления: 2019-12-20 18:41:04

In the past two days, we introduced N-Channel Logic Level MOSFET-BSS138, N-channel Logic Level MOSFET-2N7002.

In many people's opinion, electronic components are a complicated thing, but if we carefully observe and understand its features, functions, applications, we will find that it is simple to know electronic components.

In daily life,most of the electronic products we buy are finished products. We don't need to know how many electronic components are in certain device. Therefore, most of times, We are just curious about electronic components. And hope to know more about the electronic world.Based on these circumstances, I will make the description as simple as possible, so that everyone can enter the world of electronic components.

In this issue, we will introduce you to the Darlington NPN Transistor-TIP120.

The TIP120 is a NPN Darlington Power Transistor. It can switch loads upto 60V with a peak current of 8A and continuous current of 5A. This makes it suitable for medium and high power electronics like controlling motors, solenoids or high power LEDs.

The simple description of TIP120

The TIP 120 is a NPN darlington transistor with a current gain of 1000 that is a good choice for interfacing many higher current or higher voltage loads to an Arduino or other microcontroller. It can be used to control DC motors, solenoids or strings of LEDs with minimal current draw from the microcontroller.

The TIP120 belongs to the category of Discrete Semiconductor Products.Most of the TIP120 was manufactured by ON Semiconductor,its max collector emitter breakdown voltage is 60v,max collector cutoff current is 500µA,using TO-220-3 package;The TIP120 belong to through hole Mounting Type.

It is normally used to control loads with high current or in applications where high amplification is required.

When it comes to TIP120, we must mention the TIP122,as like good brother.

TIP122 is a Darlington pair NPN transistor. It functions like a normal NPN transistor, but since it has a Darlington pair inside it has good collector current rating of about 5A and a gain of about 1000. It can also withstand about 60V across its collector- Emitter hence can be used to drive heavy loads.

The Darlington pair NPN transistor internal circuit schematic below.

The Darlington pair NPN transistor internal circuit schematic

The Features of TIP120

1.NPN Medium-power Darlington Transistor
2.High DC Current Gain (hFE), typically 1000
3.Continuous Collector current (IC) is 5A
4.Collector-Emitter voltage (VCE) is 60V
5.Collector-Base voltage (VCB) is 60V
6.Emitter Base Voltage (VBE) is 5V
7.Base Current(IB) is 120mA
8.Peak load current is 8A

9.Available in To-220 Package

The application of TIP120

1.switch high current (upto 5A) loads
2.medium Power switches
3.high amplification is needed
4.Speed control of Motors
5.Inverter and other rectifier circuits

The description of TIP120 Pin

TIP120 has three pins, which are Base, Collector, and Emitter. They correspond to different functions. For specific description about TIP120 pin, please refer to TIP120 datasheet. You can free download TIP120 Pdf at the end of the article.

The Base pin main controls the biasing of transistor, Used to turn ON or OFF the transistor.

TIP120 Pin


When we need TIP120, we found that there is no such component, how to deal with it?

Once this happens, we need to understand the relevant properties of the TIP120 and then find the replacement electronic components, which means that this replacement component has the same functionality and properties as the TIP120.

TIP120 Alternatives:BC549, BC636, 2N2222A, BC547, 2N2219, 2N4401, 2N3904, BD139.

TIP120 Equivalent Transistors:TIP127 (PNP), 2N5306, 2N6532, 2SD1415, 2SD2495, BDT63, BDW2, KSB601, KSD560, MJF6388

Same Family Transistors:TIP121, TIP122 (NPN)

Free download TIP120 datasheet

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