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Driver IC has many functions

Время публикации: 2020-06-22 11:54:30

The two main types of programmable logic devices are field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) and complex programmable logic devices (CPLD). Among these two types of programmable logic devices, FPGA provides the highest logic density, the most abundant features and the highest performance. The latest FPGA devices, such as some devices in the Xilinx Virtex series, can provide 8 million "system gates"

ICs can be divided into digital ICs, analog ICs, microwave ICs and other ICs according to their functions. Among them, digital ICs are the most widely used and fastest-growing IC varieties in recent years. Digital ICs are ICs that transfer, process, and process digital signals, and can be divided into general digital ICs and dedicated digital ICs. The response of the output signal of the non-linear integrated circuit to the input signal presents a non-linear relationship, such as a square relationship, a logarithmic relationship, etc., so it is called a non-linear circuit.

Driver IC has many functions

Driver IC

1. Power management: chips, components, and circuit systems require different normal operating voltages. Analog ICs can step up and down and stabilize voltages provided by batteries and power supplies. Basically, systems that require power supply require power management chips, so there is a large market space. At the same time, because the requirements of technical indicators are basically stable, and the technology update iteration is slow, the barriers are relatively low, and there are many domestic companies.

In the whole analog IC, the power management IC plays a very important role. In addition to power saving and low power consumption, portable products are becoming more and more popular, and emerging alternative energy sources, such as solar energy, bioenergy and other energy saving and environmental protection, including panel drive ICs, LDOs, white backlight LED drive ICs, charging devices CMOS Sennor or etc. It has become an area that analog IC companies have begun to invest in,

Common nonlinear circuits include oscillators, timers, and phase-locked loop circuits. Typical applications of analog integrated circuits, inputting natural signals collected by various sensors or antennas such as temperature, humidity, optics, piezoelectricity, acoustics, electricity, etc. After preprocessing by analog circuits, they are converted into suitable digital signals and input into digital systems; The signal processed by the digital system is then post-processed by an analog circuit and converted into analog signals such as sound, image, and radio waves for output.

The difference between PLD and general digital chips is that the digital circuits inside PLD can be planned and decided after leaving the factory. Some types of PLD also allow changes and changes after the planning decision, and general digital chips have already decided on their internals before leaving the factory. The circuit cannot be changed again after leaving the factory.

The driver IC analog integrated circuit mainly refers to an integrated circuit in which analog circuits composed of capacitors, resistors, and transistors are integrated to process analog signals. There are many analog integrated circuits, such as operational amplifiers, analog multipliers, phase-locked loops, and power management chips. The main components of analog integrated circuits are: amplifiers, filters, feedback circuits, reference source circuits, switched capacitor circuits, etc.

Logic chip is also called programmable logic device, the English full name is: programmable logic device or PLD. PLD is produced as a general-purpose integrated circuit, and its logic function is determined by the user programming the device. The integration of general PLD is very high, enough to meet the needs of designing general digital systems.

In the 1980s, the mainstream products of integrated circuits were microprocessors (MPUs), microcontrollers (MCUs), and dedicated ICs (ASICs). At this time, the combination of IC design companies (Fabless) without production lines and standard process lines (Foundry) began to become a new model for the development of the integrated circuit industry.

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