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Дома > Other > How does the human proximity sensor work and what it can do?

How does the human proximity sensor work and what it can do?

Время публикации: 2019-12-20 10:42:59

How the human proximity sensor works

1 The human proximity sensor has a high frequency transmitter that causes the coil to emit a high frequency magnetic field.

2 The object being measured close to the high-frequency magnetic field will cause eddy currents on the surface of the object to be detected, and the eddy current will induce a magnetic field in the opposite direction.

3 The transmitter is cancelled by the influence of the eddy current caused by the eddy current and stops the vibration.

4 Turn the control output ON/OFF by the presence or absence of vibration.

Among the various types of switches, there is a displacement sensor that is "perceived" to its object. Using the displacement sensor's sensitive characteristics to the approaching object achieves the purpose of controlling the switch to open or close, which is the proximity switch.

Main performance characteristics of human proximity sensors

It has the function of penetrating walls and non-metal doors and windows; it can detect the distance of human body, and it can be adjusted in the distance, the radius can be adjusted by about half a meter; the detection area is wide, because the detection area is double-shaped; it has a higher ambient temperature range. Adaptability and high sensitivity; realizes flying contact detection; can adapt to harsh environments, such as high temperature, humidity, noise, airflow, dust, light, etc.; has strong anti-interference ability to RF.

What can the human body proximity sensor do?

Human proximity sensors have been widely used in many fields, and have also won recognition and welcome, such as in the field of trigger surveillance video for a cash machine, aerospace, safes and industrial production, in daily life, It can be used in hotels, restaurants, automatic doors, automatic hot air blowers, etc. Human proximity sensors can also be used in security and security fields, such as data archives, finance, accounting, museums, treasury, etc., at the same time, in measurement technology and control technology. It has also been widely used, such as measurement of length and position, measurement and control of displacement, velocity and acceleration. In the application of machine tools, metallurgy, chemical, textile, printing and other industries, when the metal monitor passes through the detection zone, the switch will automatically emit electrical commands without contact, spark, and pressure, accurately reflecting the specificity of these objects. Location and itinerary.

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