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Дома > Energy collection > Infineon Power PROFET product family replaces high current relays and

Infineon Power PROFET product family replaces high current relays and fuses

Время обновления: 2020-10-08 15:17:00

Infineon Technology Co., Ltd. helps to build an economical and intelligent distributed vehicle power distribution network architecture, and recently launched a new ultra-low resistance intelligent high-side switch product family Power PROFET™. They have the lowest on-resistance and highest energy efficiency of similar products on the market, and can replace electromagnetic relays and fuses in power distribution boxes and junction boxes with currents up to 40A.

     Today's vehicle network architecture is severely limited by the inherent defects of relays and fuses. They are too bulky, often need to be replaced, and their functions are quite limited. For example, their switch life is only 200,000 times. Power PROFET switches can solve these problems and bring multiple benefits. Their switching life reaches 1 million times. In addition, they can simultaneously replace multiple components of the existing system, such as relays, fuses, relay drive circuits, cables, and connectors. This allows it to be installed in other locations in the car, helping to achieve a new generation of distributed vehicle power distribution architecture.

Power PROFET.png

      The on-resistance of the Power PROFET switch is as low as 1.0mΩ, which is specially designed to drive high-current devices, including electronic control units (ECU), auxiliary power output devices, PTC heaters or rear window heaters. In addition, these switch products are also very suitable for devices with many switching times and high energy requirements, such as start-up relays and electric vacuum pumps in "start-stop" systems. Power PROFET switches can improve the reliability of vehicle systems. They integrate protection and diagnostic functions, such as short-circuit protection and over-temperature protection.

   Power PROFET power consumption is reduced by 7 times, so energy efficiency can be improved. They consume less than 2W and conduct current up to 30A DC. The product can rely on built-in current sensing and pulse width modulation functions to support power management. In addition, the Power PROFET switch's energy processing capacity for single pulse and repetitive pulse is as high as 3000mJ and 550mJ, respectively, which can be called industry benchmarks. For most applications, this can avoid configuring freewheeling current return paths, thereby reducing system costs.

  These switches have excellent protection performance, can support more than 1 million short circuit cycles, and meet the requirements of AEC-Q100 A level. In the event of an overcurrent event, the restart strategy can be implemented through software reset, without the need to disassemble or replace any components. As far as the system is concerned, Power PROFET switches help to achieve more accurate system selection. In addition, they can greatly shorten the length of many cables or eliminate cables altogether, thus greatly simplifying the wiring harness structure. Insiders in the automotive industry expect that under the premise of effective use of Power PROFETs and simplified automotive production processes, automotive power distribution systems (including wiring harnesses) can save nearly 10 euros in system costs.

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