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Infineon provides safety certification for Qi 1.3 certified in-car wireless chargers

Время обновления: 2021-12-16 17:06:50

(Munich, Germany, December 15, 2021) Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) has successfully developed an in-car wireless charging security solution, OpTIGa™ Trust Charge automoTIve. The solution is compliant with the new Wireless Charging Consortium (WPC) Qi version 1.3 standard. This standard requires strong password authentication for wireless charging up to 15 W. To do so, the power transmitter must authenticate itself to the power receiver (e.g. cell phone) using a secure storage subsystem. Infineon, with its comprehensive automotive and security expertise, has designed the OPTIGA Trust Charge automoTIve to meet the application requirements needed to support the development process of next generation charging solutions.


Infineon's security solutions will address the rapidly growing market for Qi-certified devices. Strategy Analytics forecasts that sales of QI-compliant devices will increase to 712 million units of all devices in 2021, driven by strong expectations of 429 million QI-certified smartphones sold worldwide this year and 197 million chargers sold bundled with devices or in the aftermarket. The QI standard is expected to increase to 712 million units in 2021 across all devices.

OPTIGA Trust Charge automotive is an embedded security solution with WPC-compliant provisioning and revocation services, as well as Qi 1.3-compliant encryption capabilities such as ECDSA, NIST-P256 and SHA-256. With the highest level of security, this solution is key to Infineon's automotive wireless charging development. In addition, the solution is AEC-Q100 Level 2 certified, offers field update capability and supports up to four certificate chains.

embedded security solution.png

In addition, OPTIGA Trust Charge automotive enables wireless charger or dedicated subsystem manufacturers to quickly and simply design to the latest Qi safety requirements. As a complete turnkey solution for fast time-to-market, it features complete system integration support with embedded software, development boards, reference boards, and documentation for quick and easy design with Qi 1.3. The solution also offers host software for easy integration with automotive microcontrollers AURIX™ or Traveo™ II.

In addition, Infineon pre-installs WPC-specific personalized keys and certificates in its highly secure chip manufacturing facility, so customers do not need to invest in security infrastructure. Infineon is at the forefront of secure wireless charging and is the supplier of the secure storage subsystem for the Qi Certified Authorized Test Lab compliance test tool NOK9.


Samples of OPTIGA™ Trust Charge automotive are now available for ordering.


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