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Introduction of vishay resistor naming conventions

Время обновления: 2020-05-06 16:13:18

The procurement of electronic components is difficult to identify. Must choose the suitable resistance according to its logo, and the resistance of different brands differs in the logo and naming rules. What are the naming rules for the popular vishay resistors in the field of electronic components?

The nomenclature of the resistor is based on the Ministry of Standards (SJ-73). The naming of resistors and potentiometers consists of the following four parts: Part I (main title); Part II: (material); Part III (classification characteristics) The fourth part (serial number). Their model and meaning:

Part 1: Use letters to indicate the main name R-resistor RP-potentiometer

Part 2: Use letters to indicate materials T-carbon film P-metal film U-synthetic film C-deposited film H-synthetic film I-glass glaze film J-metal film Y-oxide film S-organic solid core N-inorganic solid Core X-wire wound R-thermosensitive G-photosensitive M-pressure sensitive

Part III: Characterization with numbers or letters 1,2-ordinary 3-UHF 4-high resistance 7-high temperature 8-precision 9-resistor-high voltage G-potentiometer-special letter T-number X-special L -High power W-adjustable D-Fine adjustment multi-turn for small measurement

Part IV: The serial number includes: Allowable error accuracy level of rated power resistance

According to the provisions of the standard SJ1152-82 "Nomenclature of Sensitive Element Models", the product model of the sensitive resistor consists of the following four parts: Part 1: the main title (indicated by letters); Part 2: the category (indicated by letters); Three parts: uses or characteristics (represented by letters or numbers); Part four: serial numbers (represented by numbers).

The vishay resistor naming rules are introduced here. Mastering these marks can easily identify the parameters and types of resistors, so that you can choose the appropriate resistor according to your needs.

vishay resistor naming conventions picture

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