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Do you know N-Channel Power MOSFET-IRF520?

Время обновления: 2019-12-20 18:29:44

In the past week, Jotrin Electronics introduced many related electronic components and knowledges.

This week we will continue to introduce electronic components, we will carefully select some of the popular components in the market, and then explain their relevant features, instructions,function.

This time I selected the electronic component model, named IRF520 which is an N-Channel Power MOSFET.As an electronic engineer, you should know him, but after all, this is only a small group of people.I hope that you can get valuable information. Let's get started now.

The IRF520 is a Power Mosfet with 9.2A collector current and 100V breakdown voltage. The mosfet has a low gate threshold voltage of 4V and hence commonly used with microcontrollers like Arduino for switching high current loads.

The simple description of IRF520

IRF520 is 100V Single N-Channel HEXFET Power MOSFET in a TO-220AB package.There are many famous manufacturers producing IRF520, including infineon, Vishay Siliconix, STMicroelectronics, etc. It uses TO-220AB package.

Its Drain to Source Voltage IS 100V,Input Max Capacitance@ Vds is 360pF @ 25V.Its Operating Temperature is -55°C ~ 175°C.

The IRF540 is an N-Channel Power Mosfet. The Mosfet can switch loads that consume upto 9.2A continuous current and operate below 100V. It also has a decent on-state resistance of 0.27 Ohms which increases the efficiency of the Mosfet since it will dissipate less heat as loss.

Third generation Power MOSFETs from Vishay provide the designer with the best combination of fast switching,ruggedized device design, low on-resistance and cost-effectiveness.

The TO-220AB package is universally preferred for all commercial-industrial applications at power dissipation levels to approximately 50 W. The low thermal resistance

and low package cost of the TO-220AB contribute to its wide acceptance throughout the industry.

This Mosfet has a low gate threshold voltage of only 4V, this means that the Mosfet can be turned on even with 5V from the GPIO pin of microcontrollers like Arduino. But this does not mean that the Mosfet will turn on completely with just 5V, it needs around 10V supplied to the gate pin to turn on completely and supply 9.2A collector current. So if you are looking for a Mosfet to be used with microcontroller then you should consider the logic level Mosfet like 2N7002 etc.

Alternatively you can also use a driver circuit to provide 10V to the gate pin of this Mosfet using a transistor. Added to this the mosfet also has good switching speeds and hence can be used in DC-DC converter circuits also.

The Features of IRF520

1.N-Channel Power MOSFET
2.Continuous Drain Current (ID): 9.2A
3.Drain to Source Breakdown Voltage: 100V
4.Drain Source Resistance (RDS) is 0.27 Ohms
5.Gate threshold voltage (VGS-th) is 4V (max)
6.Rise time and fall time is 30nS and 20nS
7.It is commonly used with Arduino, due to its low threshold voltage.

The Benefits of IRF520:
1.RoHS Compliant
2.Low RDS(on)
3.Industry-leading quality
4.Dynamic dv/dt Rating
5.Fast Switching
6.Fully Avalanche Rated
7.175°C Operating Temperature

Target Applications:

1.Consumer Full-Bridge
Other Application
1.Switching high power devices
2.Control speed of motors
3.LED dimmers or flashers
4.High Speed switching applications
5.Converters or Inverter circuits

The description of IRF520 Pinout

There is three pins on IRF520N, which are Source, Gate, and Drain. They correspond to different functions. For specific description about IRF520N Pinout, please refer to IRF520N datasheet. You can free download IRF520N Pdf at the end of the article.We have helped you find the datasheet on the internet.

IRF520 Pinout

When we need IRF520, we found that there is no such component, how to deal with it?

Once this happens, we need to understand the relevant properties of the IRF520N and then find the replacement electronic components, which means that this replacement component has the same functionality and properties as the IRF520N.

IRF520 Alternatives:IRF540N,IRF3205

Other similar N-channel MOSFETS:2N7000,FDV301N,2N7002

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