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Non-Isolated converters feature 120-A output

Время обновления: 2019-12-19 00:00:33

Non-Isolated converters feature 120-A output

The expansion of the VRPx series of single-inline-package PoL converters includes 30-, 90-, 100-, 110-, and 120-A modules. These nonisolated dc/dc converters deliver 3 to 120-A output current. Operating at efficiencies of up to 95% over an input range from 4.5 to 13.8 V, the open-frame series offer an output voltage trim range from 0.5 to 5.1 Vdc.

The fixed-frequency PoL converters feature an integrated heat sink and includes output current monitoring and power state indicator pins for phase dropping and high efficiency during light-load states. The converters are compatible with Intel VRM11.1 requirements. They suit networking and telecommunications equipment, servers, workstations, computers, and peripherals. The device modules switch at 400 or 500 kHz. (Ea/prod qty; 30-A module, $9.35; 90-A, $17.20; 100/110/ 120 A, $18.35 available now.)

Bel and its groups are primarily engaged in the design, manufacture, and sale of products used in networking, telecommunications, high-speed data transmission, commercial aerospace, military, transportation, and consumer electronics.

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