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Phoenix Contact engineers visit the classroom

Время публикации: 2019-12-20 13:57:16

Phoenix Contact engineers visit the classroom

Phoenix Contact engineers are sharing their love of science with students this week. As part of the company’s National Engineers Week celebration, several engineers are teaching sixth-grade science class at Middletown Area Middle School in Middletown, Pa.

This is the 10th year that Phoenix Contact has partnered with the school to show how theory and practice can combine to make science fun. The interactive lessons are designed to educate and inspire young students to consider careers in engineering and technology. Activities for the week include building a catapult, racing cookie tins down a ramp, building an electric motor, and learning about static electricity through the Van de Graaff generator.

Phoenix Contact is a global leader in electrical connectivity, electronic interfaces and industrial automation technology. Phoenix Contact offers more than 25,000 industrial products and dozens of innovative products every year. The diverse product range includes terminal blocks, power supplies, signal conditioners and data converters, industrial connectors, transient voltage and surge protection, wireless signals and data transmitters. In addition, Phoenix Contact offers comprehensive automation solutions such as industrial PCs, I/O, HMI, software and Industrial Ethernet.



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