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Phoenix Contact Quint DC-DC Converters

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Phoenix Contact Quint DC-DC Converters

The Quint DC-DC Converters from Phoenix Contact can solve many problems design engineers face with DC power systems: voltage isolation, adjusting voltage levels, boosting voltage over long wire runs, regulating battery voltage output, and isolating ground loops. These power converters feature selective fuse breaking (SFB) technology as well as the ability to provide up to 125% of their rated output with Power Boost. Phoenix Contact's Quint DC-DC Converters have UL508 approval, with Class I, Div. 2 approval pending. They are suitable for all industrial applications, including critical process industry installations.
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Phoenix Contact is a global leader in electrical connectivity, electronic interfaces and industrial automation technology. Phoenix Contact offers more than 25,000 industrial products and dozens of innovative products every year. The diverse product range includes terminal blocks, power supplies, signal conditioners and data converters, industrial connectors, transient voltage and surge protection, wireless signals and data transmitters. In addition, Phoenix Contact offers comprehensive automation solutions such as industrial PCs, I/O, HMI, software and Industrial Ethernet.


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