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Vishay Power Metal Strip resistors

Время обновления: 2020-11-17 11:43:28

The surface mount Power Metal Strip resistors in 2726 and 4026 form factors --- WSLP2726 and WSLP4026, which combine high power ratings of 5W to 7W and extremely low resistance values of 0.5mΩ. The device uses a 4-connector design to achieve a stable resistance tolerance of 1.0%.


WSLP2726 and WSLP4026 resistors have advanced structural methods, using specially selected and stabilized solid metal nickel-chromium or manganese-copper alloy resistor cores with low TCR (<20PPM/℃), so as to produce a resistance core that can operate at -65℃~ A high-power resistor that works at +170℃, while maintaining the excellent electrical characteristics of the Power Metal Strip structure.

The new device allows engineers to design high-power circuits with the smallest possible resistance for higher-performance end products. Moreover, the high-temperature performance of the resistors enables WSLP2726 and WSLP4026 to be used in harsh high-temperature environments without loss of power levels or electrical performance.

Resistors are suitable for all types of current sensing, voltage division and pulse applications, including shunt resistors in automotive electronic control devices such as switching and linear power supplies, meters, power amplifiers, engines, brushless DC motors, anti-lock brakes, and climate control. Industrial controls such as downhole test/measurement equipment for oil/gas drilling, and inverter control for HVAC.

The size of the WSLP2726 resistor is 0.272 inches x 0.260 inches (6.9mm x 6.6mm) and the maximum height is 0.117 inches (3.0mm). The size of the WSLP4026 resistor is 0.400 inches x 0.260 inches (10.1mm x 6.6mm) and the height is 0.117 inches ( 3.0mm). Vishay's unique processing technology enables the resistor to have an extremely low resistance value of 0.5mΩ to 2.0mΩ, and a strict tolerance of 1.0% and 5.0%.

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