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ROHM introduces AC/DC converter IC with built-in 1700V SiC MOSFET

Время обновления: 2019-12-20 11:45:27

ROHM(headquartered in Kyoto, Japan), a world famous semiconductor manufacturer, has developed AC/DC converter *2)IC "bm2scq12xt-lbz" for high-power general inverter, AC servo, industrial air conditioner, street lamp and other industrial equipment with 1700V voltage withstand SiC MOSFET*1.


In recent years, with the improvement of energy conservation awareness, in the field of ac 400V industrial equipment, compared with the existing Si power semiconductor, can support higher voltage, more energy saving, smaller SiC power semiconductor applications more and more widely.On the other hand, in industrial equipment, in addition to the main power circuit, there is also a built-in auxiliary power supply for various control systems to provide power supply voltage. The auxiliary power supply widely USES the si-mosfet with low voltage resistance and IGBT with large loss, which has a great problem in energy saving.

In response to these challenges, ROHM launched in 2015 the world's first AC/DC converter control IC for driving high-voltage, low-loss SiC MOSFET, and has been committed to developing IC that fully utilizes SiC power semiconductor performance, leading the industry.This time, the world's first AC/DC converter IC with SiC MOSFET is developed, which will greatly promote the popularization of AC/DC converter with SiC MOSFET in the industrial field.

"Bm2scq12xt-lbz" is the world's first AC/DC converter IC with extremely excellent built-in energy-saving performance of SiC MOSFET, eliminating the design issues brought by the discrete structure, so it is very easy to develop energy-saving AC/DC converter.Designed for industrial equipment of auxiliary power supply * 3) with the optimization of control circuit and SiC MOSFET integrated encapsulation, make the new product has many advantages compared with ordinary products, parts number significantly reduced (will be 12 kinds of products and reduced the cooling plate for a product), lower risk parts fault, the introduction of SiC MOSFET appropriate, such as reducing development cycle solved many issues.Compared with ROHM's previous products, the efficiency of power conversion is improved by 5%(28% reduction in terms of power loss).Therefore, this product is very helpful for industrial equipment to achieve significant miniaturization, high reliability and energy saving.

The sample of this product has been sold since January 2019 (the sample price is 2,500 yen per month, excluding tax), and it is planned to start mass production at the scale of 100,000 yen per month in May 2019.In addition, the product and the evaluation board that is expected to go on sale this summer will be displayed at techno-frontier 2019 from April 17 to 19, 2019 at muzhang international convention and exhibition center in Japan.

In the future, ROHM will continue to develop power semiconductors such as SiC components *4) and IC used to control power semiconductors, and continuously optimize these products to contribute to energy saving and system optimization of industrial equipment.

New product features 

The new product "bm2scq12xt-lbz" adopts a special package specially developed for the built-in SiC MOSFET, and integrates the gate drive circuit and other control circuits specially optimized for the auxiliary power supply of industrial equipment and the 1700V withstand voltage SiC MOSFET.

As the world's first AC/DC converter IC with 1700V withstand SiC MOSFET* built in, this product has the following characteristics, which is very helpful to the miniaturization, energy saving and higher reliability of AC400V industrial equipment, thus helping to promote the smooth popularization of AC/DC converter using SiC MOSFET.

1. Integrated packaging of heat sink board and up to 12 kinds of products has an overwhelming advantage in miniaturization

This product USES integrated packaging, compared with the ordinary discrete structure using si-mosfet, the number of components significantly reduced, a package contains up to 12 products (AC/DC converter control IC, 800V voltage si-mosfet 2, zener diode 3, resistor 6) and heat dissipation plate.In addition, the SiC MOSFET can also realize the miniaturization of noise reduction components due to its characteristics of high pressure resistance and excellent anti-interference performance.

2. Reduce development cycle and risk, with built-in protection function and higher reliability

Adopting integrated packaging can reduce the time of component selection and reliability evaluation of clamping circuit and driving circuit, reduce component failure risk, and reduce the development cycle when SiC MOSFET is introduced.In addition, in addition to the function of Thermal Shutdown realized by built-in SiC MOSFET, it is also equipped with overload protection (FB OLP), overvoltage protection (VCC OVP) of power supply voltage pin, overcurrent protection and overvoltage protection of secondary side voltage.For continuous drive of industrial equipment power required by the rich protection function is complete, very helpful to improve reliability.

3. The performance of SiC MOSFET is excited, and the energy saving effect is remarkable

The gate drive circuit fitted in this product is very suitable for SiC MOSFET driving. By giving full play to the strength of SiC MOSFET, the efficiency can be improved by up to 5% compared with ordinary products using si-mosfet (ROHM survey data as of April 2018).In addition, the control circuit of this product adopts quasi-resonant mode. Compared with the common PWM mode, the operation noise is low, the efficiency is high, and the noise impact on industrial equipment is reduced as far as possible.

< the benefits of using SiC MOSFET >

Compared with si-mosfet, SiC MOSFET has the advantages of "small switching loss and conduction loss", "high power support", "temperature resistance" and so on.Based on these advantages, when SiC-MOSFET is used in AC/DC converter and DC/DC converter, it can bring the advantages of higher power conversion efficiency, miniaturization of heat dissipation devices, smaller coil due to high frequency operation, more energy saving, fewer parts and smaller installation area.

< apply example >

Very suitable for general inverter, AC servo, PLC(Programmable Logic Controller), manufacturing devices, robots, industrial air conditioning, industrial lighting (street lights, etc.), AC 400V specifications of various industrial equipment auxiliary power circuit.

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