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Дома > Other > TDA2822 Amplifier: Pinout, Datasheet, and Circuit

TDA2822 Amplifier: Pinout, Datasheet, and Circuit

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Operational amplifiers, often referred to as Op-Amps, hold a significant role in the amplification of electrical signals within electronic circuits. These components excel at signal amplification, providing an output that is typically 10,000 times greater than the potential difference between the inputs. Moreover, they are prized for their capacity to operate without introducing noise. Connecting their output to speakers is a straightforward task, typically accomplished using decoupling capacitors. In this article, we delve into the TDA2822 IC, exploring its configuration, features, operation, and various applications. Let's dive in.

What is TDA2822?

The TDA2822 stands as a monolithic integrated circuit presented in a 12+2+2 PowerDIP package, meticulously crafted for deployment as a dual audio power amplifier in portable radios and TS sets. This versatile IC finds widespread use as an audio amplifier in the realms of portable cassette players, cassette recorders, and multimedia active speakers. It boasts a straightforward circuit design, upholding exceptional sound quality and wide-ranging voltage compatibility. Notably, the TDA2822 is well-suited for stereo sound setups and bridge amplification (BTL) configurations.

TDA2822 Pinout

TDA2822 Pinout.jpg

Pin Configuration

Pin No.Pin NameDescription
1,3OutputProvides the amplified Audio output
5,8Inverting Input (IN-)The Inverting Pin of an amplifier is normally grounded
6,7Non-Inverting Input (IN+)The Non-Inverting pin is provided with the audio signal
4Vcc-Connected to the negative supply rail
2Vcc+Connected to Positive Supply Rail

TDA2822 Features

  • Supply Voltage Range: 3-15V

  • Maximum Operating Voltage: 15 volts

  • Output Power: 3.2 Watts

  • Audio Load Impedance: 8 Ohms

  • Amplification Gain: 39 dB

  • Operating Supply Current: 12 milliAmperes

  • Input Bias Current: 0.1 microAmperes

  • Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR): 40 dB

  • Minimal Crossover Distortion

  • Low Quiescent Current

  • Supports Bridge or Stereo Configuration

  • Packaged in an 8-Pin DIP Configuration

TDA2822 Specification

TDA2822 Specification.png

TDA2822 Amplifier Circuit

TDA2822 Audio Amplifier Circuit Diagram

TDA2822 audio amplifier circuit diagram.png

TDA2822 Test Circuits

The TDA2822 Test Circuit (Stereo)

The TDA2822 Test Circuit (Stereo).png

TDA2822 Test Circuit (Bridge)

TDA2822 Test Circuit (Bridge).png

TDA2822 Typical Application in Portable Players

The TDA2822 Typical Application in Portable Players.png

TDA2822 Low-Cost Application in Portable Players

TDA2822 Low-Cost Application in Portable Players.png

TDA2822 3V Stereo Cassette Player with Motor Speed Control

TDA2822 3V Stereo Cassette Player with Motor Speed Control.png

How Does the TDA2822 Work?

The TDA2822 is equipped with two operational amplifiers, essentially making it a dual amplifier IC.

Moreover, these amplifiers possess a collective bandwidth gain that renders them highly suitable for audio amplification.

Incorporating this dual audio amplifier IC into a stereo circuit, as outlined in the subsequent section, is a straightforward process.

Follow these steps for a successful circuit connection:

TDA2822 circuit.png

  1. Initially, establish a connection between the left audio load and the output pin 1 using an electrolytic capacitor, denoted as C4.

  2. Next, connect the right audio load to the output pin 3 via capacitor C5.

  3. Proceed to connect the inverting pins 5 and 8 to the ground via electrolytic capacitors.

  4. Link the non-inverting pins, numbered 6 and 7, to input 1 and input 2.

  5. Additionally, establish a connection between the IC's pin 2 and the DC supply and connect pin 4 to the ground.

  6. Finally, connect an electrolytic capacitor, referred to as C3, across the Vcc and ground to serve as a filter capacitor for improved functionality.

Where to use TDA2822 Amplifier IC?

The TDA2822 stands out as a Dual Audio Amplifier IC, housing two internal Op-Amps within its package. These amplifiers are notably favored for audio amplification due to their expansive bandwidth gain. They capably deliver 250 milliwatts of output power, making them versatile components.

This IC finds its application in various devices, including portable audio systems, preamplifiers, mini hearing aid radios, headphone amplifiers, and more.

For those in search of a dual Operational amplifier IC that excels in delivering high gain and offers wide bandwidth, the TDA2822 emerges as a fitting choice to meet your requirements.

How to Use the TDA2822 Amplifier?

Let's examine a practical circuit example taken from the TDA2822 datasheet:

TDA2822 application circuit.png

  1. Connect the left load to output pin 1 of the IC using electrolytic capacitor C4.

  2. Establish a connection from the right load to output pin 3 through electrolytic capacitor C5.

  3. Ensure proper grounding for the Inverting Input Pins (5 and 8) by connecting them to the ground via electrolytic capacitors.

  4. Connect the Non-Inverting Input Pins (7 and 6) to input1 and input2.

  5. Supply the IC by connecting pin 2 to the DC power source and link pin 4 to the ground.

  6. For improved performance, include an electrolytic capacitor, C3, connected across VCC and ground, which acts as a filter capacitor.

This circuit configuration, sourced from the TDA2822 datasheet, is designed to facilitate dependable and efficient operation.

TDA2822 Alternatives and Equivalents

Equivalent for TDA2822: C4556C, NJM4560

Alternatives Audio Amplifiers for TDA2822 : LM386, AD620, IC6283, JRC45558, CXA1622P, TDA8542, TPA3138D2PWP, TDA2824, TEA2025B, TEA2025D, BA534, TDA7268, TDA8547, CXA1634P

TDA2822 Applications

  • AM and FM radio amplification

  • Portable music players

  • Low-power audio amplification

  • Wien bridge oscillator circuits

  • Power amplifiers

  • Audio signal boosters

TDA2822 Datasheet

Download TDA2822 Datasheet PDF.


The TDA2822 is a versatile and potent audio amplifier IC. As demonstrated, configuring a dual power amplifier circuit remains straightforward yet fascinating. Moreover, the IC boasts a low quiescent current and minimal crossover distortion, rendering it a prime choice for various power applications. A grasp of its inner workings, applications, and circuit design possibilities is essential for anyone seeking to harness its potential fully.

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  • What is the difference between TDA2822 and TDA2822M?
  • The TDA2822M has an operational range from 3V to 15V, whereas the maximum operating voltage for the TDA2822 is limited to 8V.

  • What is the function of TDA2822?
  • Due to its extensive bandwidth gain, the TDA2822 is frequently employed for audio amplification in various applications. It finds uses in portable audio systems, preamplifiers, miniature radios for hearing aids, headphone amplifiers, and more.

  • How many watts is the IC TDA2822?
  • The TDA2822 can deliver an output power of 250 milliwatts.

  • What is the difference between LM386 and TDA2822?
  • The TDA2822 can be regarded as a dual version of the LM386.

  • What does an audio amplifier do?
  • The objective of audio amplifiers is to accurately, efficiently, and with minimal distortion replicate input audio signals at sound-emitting output components, achieving the desired volume and power levels.

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