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The development direction and prospects of electronic technology

Время публикации: 2019-12-20 12:02:47

The development direction of electronic technology

1. Changes in semiconductor systems

With the development of the semiconductor industry, the needs and services of the whole machine manufacturers and semiconductor suppliers are changing: for the whole machine manufacturer, its level of demand has risen from the device and reference design to the overall solution, including hardware and software. Designs such as form factors have placed higher demands on semiconductor manufacturers; on the other hand, semiconductor suppliers are facing greater challenges, including higher integration, lower power consumption and cost.

2. The acceptance of the electronics industry is increasingly obvious

From the development trend of the industry, when we are developing from a single device to a higher level of integration, the platform solution is bound to follow, especially those platform solutions for specific vertical markets derived from the concept of a generalized platform. Solutions such as frequency applications, audio applications, display applications, and more.

3, high efficiency, low power consumption is the industry's highest demand for power systems

From the current solutions of some leading power semiconductor manufacturers, in the medium and small power applications, improving efficiency and reducing costs are still the main tasks; for high-power applications, multi-phase will undoubtedly become the mainstream in the server. This trend has been clearly seen in applications in telecommunications equipment. The development of energy-saving products has become the mainstream, mainly in the use of advanced energy-saving semiconductor technology to save energy in the main power consumption areas such as electric control and lighting.

4. Programmable technology should be transformed into new devices for specific applications.

The rapid and continuous upgrade of products has led to the rapid development of programmable devices. For the sample stage and some emerging electronic products, flexibility and speed are its advantages, and when entering rapid growth and maturity, programmable devices are required to be low. The cost of the device has evolved to further extend the life cycle of its products.

5, the necessity of the existence of analog devices

In the wireless connection in digital homes, audio circuits in portable digital products, power management, and signal paths, the need for analog devices continues to emerge in the face of these demands, and we see more analog applications being created in the digital world. In the future, we should pay more attention to how the analog and digital devices will merge and merge.

6. Provide necessary protection for information confidentiality

The information encryption system is a guarantee for identity authentication, information confidentiality, information integrity, and information confirmation. This provides security for the security of the data. Therefore, other advanced encryption methods such as bio-keys and quantum keys are required to be continuously innovated and developed.

7. Intelligentization of electronic technology

The intelligence of electronic technology means that electronic technology can have similar human intelligence, relying on certain procedures, making fuzzy and effective judgments and making corresponding decisions. With the continuous development of electronic technology, electronic technology will be more humanized to meet people's humanized demand for electronic products.

electronic technology

Prospects for the development of electronic technology

The rapid development of technology has made it possible to widely use and rapidly develop electronic technology. In the days to come, electronic technology has its broad prospects for development.

1. Intelligent and humanized

The intelligence of electronic technology is that electronic technology has the intelligence of human beings, and can make effective judgments and make decisions according to certain procedures. With the rapid development and promotion of artificial intelligence technologies such as fuzzy control and nanotechnology, the intelligentization of electronic technology products will become the main feature; the development of intelligence makes electronic technology more humane. Humanization is a characteristic of electronic technology. Human beings are users of electronic technology products, so the application of electronic technology needs to meet the needs of humanization. Therefore, electronic technology products must not only have the best performance, but also strengthen people's research on color, shape, comfort, etc., to meet people's humanized demand for electronic technology products.

electronic technology

2, integrated

The electronic system integration system should include two parts: the electronic subsystem and the power application system. Among them, the integration of power electronic systems is to establish a series of standard chips or modules, through the integration of intelligent application systems to meet user needs. Through the integration of electronic technology, the electronic technology product structure is optimized and the performance is maximized.

3. Networking

As the network has become a popular tool in people's daily life, remote control and monitoring technology has been rapidly developed, so that electronic technology is also in line with the development trend of networking, and the network characteristics are more obvious.



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