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The role of capacitors and the cause of bursting

Время публикации: 2020-06-24 11:27:09

Nowadays, capacitors are used in many places. For example, there are capacitors on our commonly used computers. I believe many small partners have discovered them, but they don’t know what they are. Let’s talk about what is the use of graphics card capacitors. Why? Explode? Hope it helps you.

What does the capacitor on the graphics card do?

There are various kinds of capacitors on the graphics card, including nothing more than filtering, energy storage, bypass, and decoupling. This is also the main function of the capacitor, such as the large electrolytic capacitor on the power supply, which is used for energy storage. It is to store the electrical energy in the capacitor first, and then release it, so that if the power supply is unstable, or the current is suddenly large or small, the capacitor can play a role in smoothing the current. Generally, both filtering and energy storage exist at the same time. The capacitance is generally several hundred microfarads or thousands of microfarads.

Bypass, on the electricity supplied by the power supply, it will inevitably be interfered. In addition, there are various chips on the graphics card, each chip is afraid of interference, but it will also produce interference. High frequency and low frequency, bypass is The high frequency part of the interference is introduced from the positive pole of the power supply to the negative pole through the capacitor, so that the high frequency part is filtered out. This capacitor is generally a few microfarads or a few microfarads.

Decoupling is similar to bypass. Due to the different power consumption of each chip, the current may also be high and low, which will inevitably affect the operation of other circuits. In order to prevent interference between each stage, it is on the chip Connect a capacitor near the power supply pin. This capacitor may be dozens of microfarads or 100 microfarads. The function of this capacitor is similar to that of energy storage.

The main reasons for the explosion of the electrolytic capacitor are as follows:

1. Capacitor quality problems

The quality of the capacitor is not close enough, and it can not reach the marked withstand voltage and heat resistance, which objectively causes the capacitor to work overloaded. A slightly longer time, or a larger voltage fluctuation, will burst the capacitor.

2. Heat dissipation

The long working time of the graphics card, combined with its own heat generation, will keep the capacitor at a high temperature for a long time. If the temperature exceeds the rated temperature range of the capacitor, the volume of the electrolyte will increase, and for the aqueous electrolyte, bubbles will be generated, and eventually the protective valve of the electrolytic capacitor will burst.

3. Voltage and current problems

If the switching power supply of the computer or the power supply component of the motherboard fails, the instantaneous voltage and current loaded on the graphics card capacitor will increase. If the tolerance value of the capacitor is exceeded, the electrolyte temperature will rise, and eventually the electrolyte volume will increase seriously And break the capacitor shell.

The function of the capacitor is to stabilize the voltage and filter. Once damaged, it will affect the stability of the operation of the computer components. Seriously, the component will be broken down due to the inability to suppress the instantaneous strong pressure and strong current, and the electrolyte has a strong corrosive effect. Therefore, after the electrolytic capacitor is damaged, components of the same type should be replaced as soon as possible.

Can the graphics card capacitor burst still work?

It is best not to use it first, and then use it after repair. analyse as below:

1. Explosion of the capacitor will generally cause voltage undervoltage. If the voltage is used for filtering, it will cause current instability and interference. Find a computer repair shop and replace the exploded capacitor.

2. The capacitor exploded. If it is still in use, there is no problem on the surface. After a long time, other electronic components on the graphics card may be burned out. At that time, the graphics card will completely strike. It is not worth the loss. Repair it.

3. You can buy several of the same according to the withstand voltage and capacitance of the capacitor. If you have welding skills, you can get it.

After reading the above, I believe that my friends must know the role of the graphics card capacitor. The upper door also introduced what will cause the graphics card capacitor to burst. I hope it will help you in your life and work, so that you can deal with these problems that you have never encountered.

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