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TL082 Dual JFET Input Op-Amp Pinout, Datasheet, Equivalent and Uses

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JFET input op-amps offer a range of advantages that make them well-suited for a variety of applications requiring high input impedance, low input bias current, and low noise performance. The TL082 is a dual high-slew-rate JFET-input operational amplifier designed to provide superior performance in audio and other applications requiring high input impedance. Thanks to its low noise and high slew rate, it became popular in audio and other high-fidelity applications.  In this article, we'll delve into the TL074 dual JFET input op-amp IC pinout, feature, datasheet, equivalent, etc, and explore where & how to use It.

What is TL082?

The TL082 Op-Amp is a dual JFET input operational amplifier known for its affordability and high speed. It features an internally trimmed input offset voltage, requiring low supply current while maintaining a large gain bandwidth product and fast slew rate. The device incorporates well-matched, high-voltage JFET input devices, resulting in very low input bias and offset currents. With high slew rates, low input bias and offset current, and a low offset voltage temperature coefficient, the TL082 is a high-speed JFET input dual operational amplifier that integrates well-matched, high-voltage JFET and bipolar transistors into a single monolithic integrated circuit.


TL082 Pinout

TL082 pinout.jpg

Pin Configuration

Pin No.Pin NameDescription
1Output AOutput of Op-Amp A
2Inverting Input AInverting Input of Op-Amp A
3NON-Inverting Input ANon-Inverting Input of Op-Amp A
4V-Ground or Negative (Dual Polarity Supply)
5NON-Inverting Input BNon-Inverting Input of Op-Amp B
6Inverting Input BInverting Input of Op-Amp B
7Output BOutput of Op-Amp B
8V+Supply Voltage

Features & Specifications

TL082 Features:

  • Wide common-mode (up to VCC+) and differential voltage range

  • Low input bias and offset current

  • Output short-circuit protection

  • High input impedance JFET input stage

  • Internal frequency compensation

  • Latch-up free operation

TL082 specifications:

  • JFET Input Op-Amp dual Package

  • Typical Operating Voltage: +18V to -18V

  • Maximum Operating Voltage: 36V

  • Input Bias Current: 400pA @25°C, 8nA @ 70°C

  • Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR): 100dB

  • Low Input Bias and Offset Current

  • Output Short Circuit Protection

  • Internally Trimmed Offset Voltage: 15 mV

  • Low Input Bias Current: 50 pA

  • Low Input Noise Voltage: 16nV/√Hz

  • Low Input Noise Current: 0.01 pA/√Hz

  • High Slew Rate: 16 V/µs (typical)

  • Low Supply Current: 3.6 mA

  • Low Total Harmonic Distortion: ≤0.02%

  • Low 1/f Noise Corner: 50 Hz

  • Fast Settling Time to 0.01%: 2 μs

TL082 Functional Block Diagram

TL082 Functional Block Diagram.png

TL082 CAD Model

TL082 CAD Model.png

Where to use TL082 Op-Amp?

The TL082 is a dual-package operational amplifier housing two independent Op-Amps.

TL082 Op-Amp pin configuration.png

Its key feature is the integration of high-voltage JFET and bipolar transistors, providing high input impedance and low bias current. This Op-Amp also boasts low noise and harmonic distortion, making it ideal for audio pre-amplifiers. Additionally, it finds use in high-speed integrators, fast D/A converters, sample and hold circuits, and other applications requiring low input offset voltage, low input bias current, high input impedance, high slew rate, and wide bandwidth. These devices also demonstrate low noise and offset voltage drift. If you need a quad-package Op-Amp IC with a JFET drive, the TL082 could be the right choice.

How to use TL082 Op-Amp?

The TL082 Op-Amp is suitable for audio pre-amplification, offering excellent sound quality at an affordable price. A non-inverting op-amp configuration is commonly used with this IC.

TL082 op-amp non-inverting op-amp configuration.jpg

In the configuration shown, the TL082 is set up as a non-inverting amplifier with a gain of 10. This is achieved using a 1K resistor and a 9.1K resistor. A variable potentiometer is used for simulation purposes, allowing for adjustment of the input voltage and observing the corresponding output voltage variation. The op-amp is powered by +12V and -12V supplies. With a gain of 10, applying 1V at the input results in 10V at the output, as demonstrated in the simulated circuit.

TL082 Equivalents

The TL082 is a popular operational amplifier (op-amp) known for its high performance and versatility. It has several equivalents in the market, offering similar functionality and performance. Some of the equivalents include:

TL082IPT: This variant of the TL082 comes in a surface-mount package, making it suitable for compact electronic designs.

NJM2162D: The NJM2162D is another dual op-amp that can be used as a substitute for the TL082 in various applications.

TL072ID: The TL072ID is a low-noise, JFET-input dual op-amp that offers similar performance to the TL082.

MC34002D: The MC34002D is a high-speed, low-noise op-amp that can be used in place of the TL082 in applications requiring precision and speed.

LF353H: The LF353H is a dual op-amp with high input impedance and low input bias current, suitable for use in audio and other sensitive applications.

LF253H: The LF253H is a single op-amp with similar characteristics to the TL082, making it a suitable alternative in single op-amp configurations.

TLO72MN: The TLO72MN is a precision op-amp that can be used in place of the TL082 in applications requiring high accuracy and stability.

TL082CH: The TL082CH is a high-temperature variant of the TL082, designed to operate reliably in extreme temperature environments.

TL082ID: The TL082ID is another variant of the TL082 offered in a dual inline package (DIP), making it compatible with standard through-hole PCB designs.

NJM2162M: The NJM2162M is a single op-amp equivalent to the TL082, offering similar performance in single op-amp configurations.


TL082 Applications

Circuits requiring high input impedance: The TL082's high input impedance makes it ideal for use in circuits where maintaining signal integrity is crucial.

Buffer application: The TL082 can be used as a buffer to isolate one part of a circuit from another, preventing loading effects and signal degradation.

Filter circuits, Voltage followers: In filter circuits, the TL082 can be used to amplify and filter signals. It is also commonly used as a voltage follower to provide impedance matching and signal buffering.

Integrator, Differentiator, Summer, adder, Voltage follower, etc.: The TL082 can be used in various mathematical operations, such as integration, differentiation, summing, and voltage following.

DC gain blocks: The TL082's high gain and low noise make it suitable for use in DC amplification circuits, where precise amplification of DC signals is required.

Comparators (Loop control & regulation): The TL082 can be used as a comparator in circuits that require comparing two voltage levels, such as in loop control and regulation circuits.

Audio Amplifier: The TL082's high-quality audio performance makes it suitable for use in audio amplifiers, providing clear and distortion-free sound amplification.

TL082 Typical Application Circuit

100 kHz quadruple oscillator.png

100 kHz quadruple oscillator

TL082 Parameter Measurement Information

Voltage follower.png

Voltage follower

Gain-of-10 inverting amplifier.png

Gain-of-10 inverting amplifier

TL082 Package

TL082 SO8 package outline.png

TL082 Datasheet

Download  TL082 Datasheet PDF.

TL082 vs. NE5532

Average Bias Current-Max (IIB)0.02 µA0.8 µA
Bias Current-Max (IIB) @25C0.0002 µA0.8 µA
Common-mode Reject Ratio-Nom80 dB100 dB
Frequency CompensationYESYES
Input Offset Current-Max (IIO)0.0001 µA-
Input Offset Voltage-Max13000 µV4000 µV
Neg Supply Voltage Limit-Max-18 V-22 V
Neg Supply Voltage-Nom (Vsup)-15 V-15 V
Number of Functions22
Number of Terminals88
Operating Temperature-Max125 °C70 °C
Operating Temperature-Min-55 °C-
Slew Rate-Min8 V/us6 V/us
Slew Rate-Nom16 V/us8 V/us
Supply Current-Max5 mA16 mA
Supply Voltage Limit-Max18 V22 V
Supply Voltage-Nom (Vsup)15 V15 V
Package DescriptionSOP, SOP8,.25DIP-8


The TL082's versatility lies in its ability to perform well in a variety of applications. Its high input impedance and low noise make it ideal for use in audio amplifiers, while its wide bandwidth and high slew rate make it suitable for high-speed signal processing. Additionally, its low offset voltage and high output drive capability make it a reliable choice for precision applications.

Overall, the TL082's combination of features and performance makes it a versatile and popular choice among engineers and hobbyists alike. Its ease of use, a wide range of applications, and reliable performance make it a staple in the world of operational amplifiers.

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  • Is TL082 rail to rail?
  • TL082 has a rail-to-rail output.

  • What is TL082 compatible with?
  • The TL082 is compatible with the standard LM1558, enabling designers to easily enhance the performance of existing LM1558 and most LM358 designs.

  • What is the function of TL082?
  • The TL082 is used in amplifier circuits.

  • Can I use TL082 in a single supply configuration?
  • The TL082 is not suitable for use with a single 5V supply voltage.

  • What is the difference between TL084 and TL082?
  • The TL082 chip contains two operational amplifiers, while the TL084 contains four operational amplifiers in a single chip.

  • What is the difference between TL082 and TL 072?
  • In earlier versions, the TL072 had lower noise compared to the TL082. However, in newer versions, the noise values are similar. The TL072 also has a higher frequency response than the TL082, with a frequency response of 5 MHz compared to 2.5 MHz for the TL082.

  • What is the difference between LM741 and TL082?
  • The LM741 is a single op-amp, while the TL082 is a dual op-amp with different pin configurations. To replace the LM741, use the TL081, which is a single op-amp with the same pin configuration as the LM741.

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