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Web-based tool reduces time and uncertainty when identifying best TVS diode array

Время обновления: 2019-12-20 23:24:02

Web-based tool reduces time and uncertainty when identifying best TVS diode array

Littelfuse, Inc. has expanded the range of circuit protection devices included in the Littelfuse iDesign online simulation and product selection tool.

First introduced in April 2014, this robust web-based tool now includes an ESD selection tool that helps circuit designers choose from the company’s growing line of TVS Diode Arrays (SPA silicon protection arrays). These devices are designed to protect electronics from very fast and often damaging voltage transients, such as electrostatic discharge (ESD) and lightning-induced surges.
The iDesign platform, the first of its kind for circuit protection devices, was developed in response to requests from Littelfuse customers. It offers a fast, intuitive way to identify the best component for an application, find parts documentation, and order part samples for prototyping, all in one convenient package. The tools it provides walk users through the component selection process, quickly winnowing the available options based on the application parameters input.

Users of the ESD selection tool can enter parameters on the System Settings and Device Settings pages, then select from up to three devices to compare on the Device Selection page. An Analysis page allows running simulations that compare the system ESD levels of the selected devices, quickly identifying which one can offer the most robust performance for the application, as well as each device’s “best case” performance.

Circuit designers can register to create a free online account at iDesign Login to access the platform. The iDesign platform’s flexibility enables Littelfuse to incorporate additional circuit protection devices in the future, so users will always be designing with the latest technologies.

Additional Information
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